On trial: Beauty Society's Brow Doctor

Internationally acclaimed makeup artist Rae Morris recently told me that her single most important beauty essential is a “full, strong brow”, which for some can be difficult to achieve. This could be due to anything from age to over-plucking to genetics, and if you want your brows to be suitably in vogue then you have quite a battle ahead. At the opposite end of the spectrum, unruly brows can be almost as much of a pain in the neck, and a good brow gel is hard to find. Many are as stiff as an eighties hair product, whilst others have a tendency to flake which always ends in disaster. But ladies, there is a solution! And I’m trialing it right now – the very clever Brow Doctor by Beauty Society. Brow Doctor is a clear formula that you can use to tame your unruly brows into beautiful submission. The best part is that in about four weeks Brow Doctor also enhances your eyebrows, with the intention of reversing as much damage as possible – hooray! With the help of amino acids, peptides and conditioners Brow Doctor coaxes your brows to reach their full potential without using the harmful parabens or prostaglandins often found in lash and hair stimulating products. Thus far what I love about this baby is that it did not leave my brows feeling stiff and/or sticky or looking unnatural. My trial is in its early days but I’m excited about the potential results when it comes to the overall condition of my brows. Fingers crossed for that “full, strong” look that Rae – and many makeup stars – are touting right now, but for now I’m loving my perfectly groomed brows. Brow Doctor is available right now at Mecca Cosmetica, so get in there!


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