Thursday, April 21, 2011

Falling in love with evolu all over again

Yesterday I was very lucky to have the chance to experience my very first evolu facial at the hands of the brand’s creator, Kati Kasza. The beautiful, all natural New Zealand skincare brand was one of the first beauty discoveries I wrote about many years ago, and they really have gone from strength to strength whilst remaining totally true to their original vision. Kati is still as hands on today as she was over ten years ago as well, which amps the integrity factor up even farther in my eyes. But enough raving, let’s get on to my hour of unadulterated bliss at her rather marvellous hands!
The facial began with a double cleanse using evolu’s Crème Cleanser, a mild yet super effective formula that is a huge help when you have eczema prone skin like mine. Next up the brand’s Renewing Facial Exfoliator – a beautifully scented, ultra gentle formula – was used to give my skin a gentle polish before a spritz of their Facial Toner, which is definitely more than just a cursory skincare step. Formulated to gently balance the skin back to its natural pH level, this naturally hydrating mist uses botanical actives to leave the skin soothed, refreshed and balanced. A key ingredient is Rosa Gallica essential oil, which promotes capillary repair and moisture retention, especially assisting dry, inflamed and mature skin. Delicious stuff. Next up a Kaolin-based mask was applied and left to dry, then removed and another spritz of Facial Toner misted over my now-glowing skin. Called the Purifying Mask, it deeply cleanses and smells incredible, thanks to the likes of pure essential oils of Lavender (balancing, regenerative), and Sweet Orange (rejuvenating, renewing). A massage followed using the product that Kati calls “liquid gold”, the power packed Facial Serum (pictured). For skin that needs its appearance rejuvenated and natural balance restored, this facial serum is the perfect antidote and can be added to any skincare regime. Ideal as an overnight treatment, its heavenly scent reflects the purity and potency of the vitamin-rich bioactives. These antioxidant essentials work to promote cell renewal and boost skin suppleness, helping to diminish visible signs of aging – love that! Vitamins A, C, and E (Rosehip Oil, Jojoba oil, Rose Absolute and Neroli essential oils) scavenge free radicals and assist the process of skin regeneration, whilst Omega-6 fatty acids (Evening Primrose Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil) reinforce cell membranes and Vanilla soothes and protects while you sleep. Told you it was power packed, and absolutely gorgeous stuff. Last up is an application of a daily moisturiser and a double dose of goodness for the eyes in the form of Decrease Eye and Lip Line Serum with De-Stress Soothing Eye Gel (which absorbed immediately, bonus) applied over the top.
Definitely a delicious experience all round, this facial reinforced in my mind what a great brand evolu is, and how dedicated Kati is to delivering high performance, all natural products to the world at large at ridiculously good price points. Check out her blog here for some great how to videos and an introduction to how evolu sees the world.

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