Friday, April 8, 2011

Get it: M.A.C Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye

I never apply serious make up without using a primer, as not doing so makes about as much sense as painting a house without applying an undercoat first. For starters your colour pigments will be seriously diluted by moisturiser and the skin’s natural oils, and any product’s longevity is totally compromised. It may be an added step but it’ll do wonders for your make up down the track and once you’re hooked, you’re in there for life. M·A·C say that they “own the primers category” and I am starting to think that they really do. Their Prep + Prime range is full of essentials that benefit both professionals and consumers, and lucky for us it just got bigger! The new releases include three beautiful highlighters, as well as a product I’m super excited about - Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye. A lightweight, quick fix AND long-term solution for puffy, tired-looking creases and bags, this little wonder targets the three main causes for dark under eye circles – pigmentation, visibly weakened capillaries and shadowing – while illuminating the eye area with optical effects for instant luminosity. Think of it as rocking pick-me-up power and moisturisation, making it an essential addition to any kit. I popped some on today after an early start due to a grizzly two year old and can report that the “instant” claim made by M.A.C really is that – my dark circles seriously disappeared within minutes of this baby doing its stuff. I have yet to track the long-term effects of its use but if after a single application it does major good then I’m super excited about the possibilities!

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