TRESemmé’s Fresh Start for great hair

I’ve been a champion for the use of dry shampoos for quite some time now, and am always trying any new one that hits the market as it’s the perfect product for my combination, coloured hair. It also makes a blow dry last an extra day or two, which isn’t to be sneezed at! High performance supermarket haircare brand TRESemmé has just added not one but four dry shampoo-style options to their product line, which surely must be a record. They address different hair types and needs, and are all an absolute steal at under NZD $15.00. Fresh Start Dry Shampoo is my pick as it volumises oily/straight hair as well as adding volume.
It zaps oil and odours, and is easily absorbed before you know it. Fresh Start No Frizz Crème is for curly or very dry hair that needs taming, eliminating frizz right when you need it and keeping hair smooth. Fresh Start Waterless Foam Shampoo is also for curly girls, adding moisture and shine. Lastly, Fresh Start Refreshing Mist can be used on any hair type after a dry shampoo for an added freshness boost, adding more shine again and neutralizing odours with a quick spritz. All of these products are an absolute godsend for the high humidity happening around these parts right now, and I can’t recommend giving them a go enough.


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