Get excited : M.A.C meets Wonder Woman!

I’d heard rumours of the latest M.A.C collaboration a few months ago, and fell in love with the idea to such an extent that it just HAD to be true. And it is! The Internet has suddenly starting buzzing with details about the soon-to-be-released M.A.C Wonder Woman collection, which the seven-year-old me is fair fizzing over. The overall feel looks to be true to WW’s blue, red and gold metallic theme, but there is one vital difference between this and the usual M.A.C release: "Since Wonder Woman has this amazing strength," says a spokesperson from the beauty giant, “everything's oversized!” Products include everything from fake lashes to "a brush set with its own metallic utility belt," (fabulous!) and are expected to fly off the shelves the minute they hit in the Northern Hemisphere Spring. Can’t wait!


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