Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In love with: Snowberry’s Everyday SPF15

This year I’ve already discovered a treasure trove of fantastic, non-chemical and moisturising sunblocks, but I’m particularly excited to crack open a tube of Snowberry’s new Everyday SPF15. I’ve followed the flawless New Zealand skincare brand since its inception, and their founder – Soraya Hendesi – first told me that this particular product was in the works several years ago. It’s taken this long to get it absolutely perfect, and what a little wonder it is! Luxurious and 100 per cent natural, it has a deliciously light, clear texture that you will love smoothing on your skin. It is also a certified broad spectrum sun protection product, which means that you are being protected against both UVB and UVA light.
When it comes to giving the product an SPF of 15, Soraya’s R&D team found that the higher the SPF rating, the less product most people use (you may not know that SPF15 provides about 93% protection against UVB, and surprisingly, SPF30 provides just 4% more). So, it is more in how you use your product, than its rating that is important. You should also know that ‘SPF15’ means you have protection against UVB only (the rays that cause sunburn), for 15x the burn time if you weren’t wearing a sun product. Because ‘SPF’ is not a measure of protection against the more dangerous UVA light, Snowberry’s Everyday SPF15 is also certified under the internationally recognised Boots Star system to provide good UVA protection (see the 3-Star logo on the box).
Key ingredients in the product include:
* ZinClear IM50 CCT 
- A homogenous dispersion of micron-sized zinc oxide particles which provides transperancy on the skin, and full-spectrum UV protection
* Olivem 900 - 
A natural emulsifier derived from olive oil with high moisturising properties
* Montanov 82 -
A natural plant ingredient with emulsifying properties
* Shea Butter -
A natural emollient from the fruit of the Shea tree which provides fast-acting, long-lasting moisturisation and improves skin softness
* Coffee Bean Oil -
A natural ingredient from coffee beans with moisturising and sun protection properties. It provides natural protection from ultraviolet light and is rich in phytosterols which promote excellent moisture retention
* Glycerine - 
A natural water-binding agent derived from coconut, providing moisture to the skin
I find this whole product release super exciting, mainly due to how honest and trustworthy the brand is, coupled with the fact that their products’ performance levels are always stellar. This is being slapped on right now, and shows no sign of disappearing for a long time yet!
Now if only they’d release a body version…

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