Kevin Murphy delivers a little love n' luxury

Whatever the season and wherever you are, your hair can always do with a little extra loving. Mine is suffering in the New Zealand heat and high humidity of late, which coupled with my lightened ends makes for some serious frizz. I’ve also got fine hair but a lot of it, making it pretty damn high maintenance at any time of the year. Oh woe is me! I’d like to give thanks then for the gift of Kevin Murphy Luxury Rinse and Luxury Wash. Both products are ideal for anyone with thick hair, or hair that just needs its thirst quenched big time. Both were created early on in Murphy’s luxuriously planet and health-friendly line of stellar haircare products, but have recently undergone a bit of a makeover. The reinvented Luxury Wash is a richer, smoother, ultra rich shampoo with ingredients specifically suited for the needs of thick, coarse hair. Ingredients like Mango Butter and Shea Butter have excellent moisturising properties to counteract the effects of permanent colour and chemical damage, as well as making it smell delicious. The reinvented Luxury Rinse is a richer, smoother, ultra rich conditioner with ingredients specifically suited for the needs of thick, coarse hair or sensitized hair as well. This conditioner has the ability to make the hair more supple and improves flexibility on hair that is naturally course, and is also an absolute joy to use. Get a little luxury in your life right now – your hair will thank you for it!


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