Love: Murad Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30

As I’ve mentioned before, over the last few weeks I’ve been lapping up the spectacular weather in a big way. And as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been trialling a bunch of sunblocks, not all of which are created equal. One I have absolutely fallen in love with not long after popping the tube is Murad’s Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30, which is a deliciously easy to use, long-lasting, high SPF waterproof formula that protects skin with three active sunscreens. The star ingredient here is Pomegranate Extract, which enhances sun protection and prevents free radical damage. It has been proven to boost sunscreen effectiveness by up to 20 per cent, which is no mean feat! Additional ingredients that are working hard to keep your skin looking and feeling fabulous are the good Doctor Murad’s own Patented Skin Repair System - which protects elasticity to maintain skin firmness - and Hyaluronic Acid and phyto-lipids to preserve skin's moisture barrier. It also smells and feels a treat – like a super luxe body lotion – and although it may not be as “natural” as some of my other favourite sunblocks, it is waterproof – a feature that the former haven’t really managed to nail yet and vital if you’re a water lover like me. I recommend you pick up the bonus size 200ml version of this baby – you will definitely not be disappointed.


  1. I love this sunscreen too! What a fabulous, easy to use sunscreen. I got the big size (great for the family) from my local Caci Clinic. Not sure where else you can get it?

  2. That's the only place as far as I know, or online? Such a great sunblock!


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