Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow? The E>One

A few months ago now I was contacted by the company behind The E>One, which is a beauty innovation that has been taking the world – latterly Australia – by storm. Intrigued, I said yes to a trial and it wasn't long before the streamlined unit was sitting in my office, begging to be used.
The E>One was developed in France by Yves Vincent Brottier, and is the first and only medically approved professional hair removal device certified for personal use at home. It has passed rigorous safety standards in Europe, where they take the likes of beauty ingredients and procedures exceptionally seriously. It’s been designed for those who are looking for a revolutionary hair removal solution, offering to save both time and money as well as permanently reduce hair on any part of the body. Be it hair on the arms, legs, bikini line, armpits, back or even the facial area, it’s safe to treat with the E>One.
So how does it work? Using cutting edge technology, the E>One utilises Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology similar to that found in hair and skin treatment clinics. The main difference is, it’s designed to be used in the privacy of your own home.
For those unfamiliar with IPL, this means that the E>One works by delivering a short but intense pulse of light onto the skin surface, with the hair being the only part reacting to this light. The light emitted from the E>One is absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair, which is then converted to heat. This heat then destroys the root of the hair - the hair will fall out and regrowth is minimised.
Thanks to its ultra-precise photo-thermal technology, the E>One doesn’t damage any peripheral tissues and is not painful to use, and it has been carefully engineered to combine safety and efficiency whilst protecting the skin.
It can be used by both males and females, with skin colours ranging from pale to olive and hair colours from blonde to black. The creators also say you can use this on tanned skin – even fake tanned skin - as the IPL isn't affected by the colour of the epidermis. Those familiar with laser hair removal may find this confusing, but remember- this isn't laser, it's Intense Pulsed Light, which works a different way. This is a bonus for those who want to use it all year round, as you won’t have to wait for even the slightest hint of a summer tan to fade.
The E>One is already well established in France, where it is gradually eradicating the need to wax or shave, one painless treatment at a time. I’ve experienced in salon IPL, and to me this at home number looked like a smaller version of the equipment used there. Previous at hair removal systems I’ve seen and read about have a cheaper, more lightweight feel, whilst this definitely felt – and behaved – like the real deal.
To begin using it you log in to the machine, each time completing a short safety questionnaire, and then select your sex, skintone, and hair type. Once selected, you place goggles on your face and put the head to your skin. Press and release and a flash of light is emitted. Repeat the process over the area, and then it’s a wrap. The first treatment should be repeated after four weeks, the next after around 6 weeks, and then at a 6-8 week frequency – essentially to try and get your hair in all its various stages of growth.
The creators of the E>One say that repeated use will lead to permanent hair loss, rather than the hair reduction which is more common with other devices. This is a big claim, and one that you’d think would discourage people from buying it – as in, why would you need it after that? It’s definitely a worthy beast though, and was so easy to use it was ridiculous. Get yours now and be hair-free next Summer!


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