Celebrating World Sleep Day with the help of some of my favourite brands

It’s no secret that quality sleep is linked to better health – it helps re-energise brain cells, keep our immune system strong, regulate our metabolism, reduce stress levels, and repair our skin. But nailing how to get a peaceful, uninterrupted night’s rest is no small feat. Whether it’s doom scrolling or the stress of a never-ending to-do list keeping you up, you’re not alone.
According to the sleep studies conducted worldwide, it’s estimated that one in three adults suffer from sleep deprivation. That’s where the experts come in. So if you’re not getting your best zzzzz’s, maybe it’s time to look for some help cultivating an optimal sleep routine – just in time for World Sleep Day this Friday, 15 March.
Australian skincare brand kit: is marking the occasion by partnering with leading sleep scientist and PhD researcher Vanessa Hill – an expert on bedtime procrastination and the connection between sleep and wellbeing. “The night-time period is one where our skin cells rejuvenate and recover. If we're not getting enough sleep, you can see that in your face; think baggy eyes, fluid retention, and puffy skin." So, sleep is one of the best things for great skin health, as well as being essential for overall wellbeing.
But how do we work on getting better quality sleep? Hill says that it comes down to a few factors, one being a wind down routine that you actually look forward to. “My research indicates that for many, the initial trouble is simply starting the night-time routine – so breaking away from the TV or the phone and physically moving from couch to bathroom. I always start my wind down routine with skincare, it’s my clue to myself that I’m getting ready for bed. After that, depending on how tired I am, I might read a book in bed, do a meditation or listen to a sleep story. At night-time, my priority is taking care of my skin, mind, and self.”
I am not alone in loving kit:’s cult-favourite Good Night Balm before bed, a rich cocooning sleep-in cream that works overtime, overnight. Hill also suggests that you complete your bedtime routine with a generous swipe of the brand’s magnesium-enriched Unwind Body Balm with notes of spearmint, lavender and eucalyptus for relaxation. “Some fragrances, like lavender, can help relax our bodies, which in turn can help relax our mind overall… A good night-time routine can help you decompress and de-stress. If at night you start overthinking or mentally going over your to-do list, a wind down routine can help break the habit of doing that, calming your body and mind.”

There also some great natural sleep aids available for delivering an added boost of support at night, and Florx Deep Sleep - a revolutionary plant-based terpenes solution - is one that is demonstrating some great results. Grounded in scientific research, the oral liquid supplement is 100 percent plant-based and supports healthy sleep patterns, harnessing the sedative power of 13 unique terpenes, along with other botanical boosters known for their sleep-promoting properties, including Passionflower, Hops and Valerian Root.
Dr.Waseem Alzaher, co-founder of Florx Sleep Drops, says, "We believe in the transformative potential of plant-based treatments in modern healthcare. Florx Deep Sleep combines centuries-old wisdom with cutting-edge science to provide effective sleep support, helping individuals achieve optimal rest and recovery naturally." The product is designed for easy use, requiring just a few drops 30 minutes before bedtime for maximum effectiveness.
If you want to celebrate World Sleep Day by grabbing some Florx Deep Sleep, head to www.florx.co.nz – and use the code Helene20 for a discount. You can thank me later!


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