Over the many years I’ve written about beauty, I’ve seen literally hundreds of spa and clinic-only brands come and go. Some just don’t stack up anymore, while others quite simply fade away. But one name that has always been front and centre in many of Aotearoa – and the world’s – top skin health destinations is Environ.
Long before other skincare brands recognised the power of Vitamin A for health skin, Dr Des Fernandes, a successful plastic and cosmetic surgeon, was already doing a deep dive into the powerful ingredient. The idea behind Environ came about in 1980, when Dr Des was deeply moved by the death of two patients from skin cancer, both women in their early twenties. He became passionate about raising the quality of skincare as a whole, and began his research into high potency Vitamin A to provide high performance solutions.

Environ continues to embody this passion, employing pioneering scientific research and unrelenting development. Many companies now use the same research for their own product ranges, but none have the experience, the history or ... the passion. Which brings me to the latest worthy accolades heaped upon the brand.
Environ's dedication to consistent innovation and science has been duly recognised with not one, but three prestigious awards at the international Aesthetic Everything® Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine Awards in the USA. Two of their pioneering advancements, Environ Cool Peel® Technology and Environ Electro-Sonic Ionzyme® DF Technology, were crowned winners in the “Best Medical Peels” and “Best in Class Professional Treatment Machine” categories for 2024, respectively. And the accolades didn’t stop there, with Environ also clinching an impressive hat trick by claiming the coveted “Top Medical Skin Care Line” award for the seventh consecutive year.
The commendation for their incredible Cool Peel Technology comes as Environ commemorates 30 years of the ground-breaking technological innovation, developed by Dr Des Fernandes. The technology is a revolutionary, non-invasive, intelligent approach to skin peeling that safely and effectively helps to visibly brighten the appearance of skin. While traditional approaches to skin peeling are based on the destruction of skin cells, Environ’s Cool Peel Technology works to support the effects of the natural processes of healthy skin, thus gently and effectively bringing about real change.
Winning “Best in Class Professional Treatment Machine”, Environ Electro-Sonic Ionzyme® DF Technology, also pioneered by Dr Des Fernandes, was the first in the world to combine low frequency Sonophoresis and pulsed Iontophoresis. Harnessing the power of both technologies speeds up and intensifies the treatment effect significantly, allowing Environ’s result-driven formulations to be more effective, making a real lasting difference to skin, for life. The technology was a first when it landed on the scene and still regarded as the best by so many in the industry, and every skin health destination needs one, stat!
Recommended by beauty editors, makeup artists and dermatologists alike, congratulations Environ on your ongoing dedication to creating and delivering life changing skin solutions across the ages.


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