Beauty & Wellness news: Get ready to meet The Beauty Chef’s Plumpers

I have long been an unabashed fan of The Beauty Chef, which was a true pioneer in the inner beauty arena that championed quality supplementation alongside great skincare (as the key to your healthiest skin ever) long before anyone else did. With the belief that glowing skin begins with your gut, The Beauty Chef has over the years developed an ever-growing product range that includes bio-fermented, probiotic-rich wholefood supplements and organic topical skincare that support gut health and glowing skin, and each release is as exciting as the last.
Carla Oates is the woman behind the brand, after she discovered that beautiful, glowing skin begins with a healthy gut after healing her family's skin issues with a gut-healing, wholefoods diet. The journalist and stylist then started The Beauty Chef in 2009 in her Bondi kitchen, where she began experimenting with lacto-fermenting skin-loving superfoods and created the first inner beauty powder - GLOW. It was a runaway success from the get-go, and the inspiring beauty entrepreneur now works with a team of leading microbiologists, naturopaths and nutritionists and employs cutting-edge research to develop uniquely formulated products.
When I was lucky enough to be invited to a breakfast with Carla in Auckland earlier this year, she mentioned that a new edible release was on the horizon, and as of next week, it’s here! Exclusive to Superette stores from 1 – 17 April and then arriving at other local stockists, the new kid on the block is Plumpers - chewable collagen tablets formulated to support collagen production, skin elasticity, hydration, immune function and overall skin health. Featuring hydrolysed bovine collagen peptides, a potent postbiotic (Lactobacillus plantarum L-137) and a highly absorbable form of hyaluronic acid, the little wonders are available in three fun flavours - Chocolate, Kakadu Plum & Berry and Orange & Turmeric – and are destined for a permanent place in my regime.
Created by Carla and The Beauty Chef’s team of leading naturopaths, nutritionists, and microbiologists so you can plump up your skin anytime, anywhere, she says of the new arrival: “We know how essential collagen is for plump, bouncy and hydrated skin. By creating an innovative delivery system that’s easy and delicious, with efficacious and science-backed hydrolysed collagen peptides, Plumpers can not only go everywhere with you, but also yield impressive skin benefits.”

Plumpers are designed to support skin elasticity, collagen production and hydration, all of which I welcome into my life with open arms. I’m already a daily consumer of The Beauty Chef’s Deep Marine Collagen, but Plumpers will be perfect for travel and busy mornings, as well as a great way for those new to the benefits of collagen supplementation to introduce its goodness to their daily routine.
The Beauty Chef Plumpers are available exclusively to Superette from 1 – 17 April 2024 and then from all other authorised stockists, skin centres and


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