Valentine's date night breakout? Here’s some tips from an expert…

It’s Valentine’s Day, and for some of us, love is definitely in the air. Be it love for a significant other, our best friends or ourselves, it’s a day to celebrate all things l’amour… But for those of us heading out somewhere special with a significant other, sometimes the stress of the whole thing can kick off a date night breakout.
With that in mind, I tapped Aimee Quirke, Global Head of Laser and Skin at Laser Clinics, to find out if all hope really is lost…

First up, tell me more about your role at Laser Clinics and how long you've been working in the beauty industry?
As Global Head of Laser and Skin, my role is responsible for ensuring we make the best treatments and services accessible to everyone. Growing up in New Zealand, I left school to study my Diploma of Beauty Therapy, which unlocked a passion for learning about skin treatments, skincare products and technology-based treatments. I have now been in the industry for over 15 years, gaining insights on world-leading trends and bringing them home to Australia and New Zealand.

What would be your biggest tip for dealing with inflammation from a breakout, quickly?
Breakouts can pop up out of nowhere! It’s frustrating when you have an event on, and a pesky spot decides to appear. For a super quick fix, LED Yellow light is a great option as it helps to reduce inflammation immediately, and the best part is, the treatment only takes 13 mins. To treat at home, we recommend spot treating with the Skinstitut hero product, ‘Laser Aid’ which is fantastic to help calm inflammation and supports skin repair.

How would you suggest giving your skin a quick refresh/glow before a date or big event?
For an instant glow, treatments such as HydraFacial work really well. The treatment involves exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin that make the skin look dull, dry, and rough. This, combined with the infusion of skin boosters works to really target instant hydration and is a great option to brighten the skin.

Are there any specific ingredients or products that someone should avoid using before a date night to prevent skin emergencies?
Before a big event, it's recommended not to change anything drastically with your skincare regime. Be mindful not to overuse products either, such as excessive use of Vitamin A, which could cause a mild breakout or reaction in the skin if your skin is not used to it or is sensitive.

Oily skin can be a concern for many. What are some effective ways to control excess oil production before a special occasion?
Where possible, its ideal to have a treatment journey in the lead up to special events. This allows time to treat the skin with various treatments specifically designed to help regulate oil flow, while also getting it under control prior to the event. Sometimes though, this isn’t always possible. For last minute preparation, we recommend products such as Skinstitut Moisture Defence Oily, which helps to control oil production in the skin. Exfoliation using AHA's like Glycolic Acid can also help to minimize oil within the skin prior to a special event! Glycolic Acid can be found in products such as the Expert Refine AHA Toner and the Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser.

Lastly, what's your top piece of advice for someone dealing with an unexpected skin emergency right before a date night?
Last minute emergency doesn't mean the end of the world! If you can get in a quick 13-minute LED light treatment, this will be hugely beneficial right before an event! Dig out calming products to help reduce the inflammation!


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