All about: The Ordinary’s newly reformulated Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I was invited to Sydney, Australia last week by the superlative disruptive beauty brand known as The Ordinary. My three days in one of my favourite cities included a brand immersion into all thing The Ordinary, a facial by the incredible Angela Hibbard using a cocktail of their products best suited to my skin, and a preview of a pop-up interactive event being held by the brand down at Sydney’s Circular Quay in honour of a brand new release.
That new release was actually a celebration of the brand’s cult fave Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, which in an answer to fans of the brand’s requests, has been reformulated and now boosts even more of the good stuff. So in essence, the best got better? Yep, you’ve got it – and it’s still at an insane sub $19NZD price point!
The Ordinary has long been committed to making sure that their formulations always the best they can be, and they regularly update the products to make sure this is consistently the case. Bestseller Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 is just the latest, with new ingredients and an enhanced texture that take the boost of moisture to a whole new level.
The lightweight formula replenishes skin’s hydration levels with all-day results, and helps the skin retain moisture to re-plump dry, dehydrated skin. This means it also promotes skin suppleness and elasticity, while minimising the appearance of fine dry lines. How great is that? It contains no less than five forms of hyaluronic acid, being low-, medium- and high-molecular- weight molecules, a HA crosspolymer, and hydrolyzed HA. The formulation also now contains ceramides to help keep moisture locked in, the ingredient being a no brainer if you want happy, healthy skin. Ceramides are lipids (fatty molecules) found naturally in the skin that help support the skin barrier to keep skin protected and hydrated, and the ceramides used in this formula are known as sphingolipids. Pro-vitamin B5 is in there to help support the formation of key skin barrier components like ceramides and fatty acids, which further helps keep moisture locked in.

After being gifted a sample of the new formula last week I have used it religiously – and love. It plays beautifully with other serums, and fans – including me – are all about the beautiful new texture. It is super fine and silk-like, which means it spreads over the skin very easily and sinks in really quickly, ready to add whatever you feel the need to over the top. Facialist Angela also suggested cocktailing the serum with The Ordinary’s incredible Squalane oil, which I have been using for facial massage as well as on particularly dry days.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and grab a bottle of this wonder now.


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