All about: ghd’s newest innovation, chronos

If you’ve been anywhere near beauty social media lately, you will have seen more than a few influencers demoing the newest release from ghd: chronos. And the results? Seriously impressive, even on the longest of locks like Jessica Waru’s incredible mane, which I covet every time I see her at an event!
ghd has proven time and time again that they are the masters of the hot styling tool, reinventing the wheel over and over again with more and more impressive results. They have billed chronos as “the holy grail of hair styling”, being a three times faster, HD motion-responsive styler, for one stroke high-definition results that last an incredible 24 hours. It’s also said to deliver up to 85 percent more shine, two times less frizz and up to three times more breakage protection – some seriously impressive numbers!
The breakthrough HD motion-responsive technology uses an intelligent algorithm to identify how the tool is being used, to optimise heat and power delivery for ultimate performance. This technology identifies the users styling motions and reacts by delivering the right amount of power into the plates to maintain the optimum temperature of 185°C to a new ‘higher level’ of precision. Mind blown? Mine was, and as better heat consistency delivers superior results; whether straightening or curling, styling fast or slow, taking small or large sections, with ghd chronos you can create high-definition styles in just one stroke.

As if all that isn’t enough, chronos also featured a re-engineered wishbone hinge and smooth, rounded barrel, which is a huge bonus for professionals looking to craft high-definition curls and waves with a mere tilt of the hand.
Jeroen Temmerman, ghd CEO says of the newbie: “At ghd we are dedicated to developing pioneering technologies and creating the best-in-class products that tackle consumer and professional stylist needs. ghd chronos, our latest beauty-tech breakthrough, is a momentous launch for ghd as it represents the pinnacle of over 22 years of understanding and mastering heat styling. Revolutionising the styler category, ghd chronos is the most advanced styler in the ghd award-winning styler portfolio, featuring HD technology to deliver the best performance we have ever seen from our stylers.”
Dafydd Thomas, ghd Global Director of Education adds: “Breakthrough high-definition technology allows ghd chronos to flawlessly monitor styler plate temperature, preserving the perfect styling temperature of 185 degrees. I can’t wait for everyone to discover ghd chronos and the power to unlock ultra-defined, glossier waves and glass-like straights. As a professional chronos has allowed me to raise my hair game with unparalleled and impeccable results.”
And if all that isn’t enough to get you hyped about this new release, feast your eyes on the campaign imagery featuring model and all-round goddess Charli Howard – seriously wow.

I, for one, can't wait to try the new ghd chronos, which is available now in the finest salons, department stores and from


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