Beauty news: Kourtney Kardashian name-checks New Zealand’s own PURE MAMA as a pregnancy must have

When I first met PURE MAMA founder Lara Christie several year ago, the brand was in its infancy (pun intended) - but her vision was bold. So, it was no surprise to me at all when PURE MAMA popped up (and soon sold out) on MECCA.COM (a major coup), and as for a celebrity endorsement? They don’t come much bigger than a Kardashian, whatever you think of the famous family.
When Kourtney Kardashian revealed her hospital bag must-haves, the reality TV star and lifestyle influencer, renowned for her commitment to natural high-quality products, included two PURE MAMA essentials in her pregnancy skincare regimen.
Featured on Kourtney’s list shared via POOSH, the products spotlighted are PURE MAMA’s highly coveted Belly Oil and Nipple Butter already used and loved by thousands of pregnant women across the Pacific and beyond. PURE MAMA Belly Oil made its mark when it launched in 2021 - selling out in less than three months and seeing thousands of women signing up to a waitlist to get their hands on it – and is now a skincare essential due to its efficacy and high quality. The amazing results pregnant women have seen using the product, specifically to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, have quickly gained PURE MAMA its loyal following.
Celebrated as the ultimate ‘breastfeeding saviour’, PURE MAMA’s Nipple butter has also become a go to for new mums seeking instant relief and fast healing in the early stages of breastfeeding. Developed in conjunction with world-class biochemists, Dr Hoffman (MSc Chemistry and PhD BioChemistry) notes that “The dedicated team of advanced biochemists at PURE MAMA harness the power of nature through world-class innovation and technology. With a commitment to integrity and a scientific approach, PURE MAMA delivers an exceptional range of skincare products,”
The entire range has proven to be a game-changer in pregnancy skincare and has recently been nominated as a finalist in the coveted Clean and Conscious awards for 2023. It took over two years of intense research and development to create PURE MAMA’s unique blends and the company’s team of experts assessed everything from ingredient properties, benefits and drawbacks, skin compatibility, texture, absorption, shelf life, fragrance, and bottle functionality, to potential risks for pregnant women and newborns.
The partnership with MECCA was just the beginning for PURE MAMA, with the brand set to continue its incredible momentum by expanding into the US this year. I’m sure Kourt’s endorsement certainly helps!

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Photo via Vogue.


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