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Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to an intimate breakfast event at Little Bird Kitchen in Auckland by The Beauty Chef, with inspiring founder Carla Oates in attendance. The food was naturally clean, lean and delicious, and the company? Impeccable!
For those unfamiliar with the brand and Carla’s background, for the Sydney native it’s always been about the gut. Over twenty years ago, the then-beauty editor began noticing the number of toxic chemicals in skincare products crossing her desk, and says that it lead her down the rabbit hole of researching alternatives – as well as exploring the link between the gut, hormones, and skin. Having always been interested in holistic health and beauty, she started to research the benefits of looking after your skin with clean, natural ingredients – predominantly active plant compounds that rejuvenate from the inside, out - and made the decision to write only about natural and organic health and beauty. This led to the mother-of-two’s first book deal and the start of a journey that would see her develop her cult GLOW Inner Beauty Powder in her kitchen. While today the term ‘inner beauty’ is as common as serum or essence, but at the time the concept of ‘from the inside out’ was unheard of in the beauty industry. To say Carla was a trailblazer would be putting it mildly – and she still is.

Carla Oates, The Beauty Chef founder

Over breakfast she told us she also had eczema as a child, and as a teenager, had worked with a naturopath who showed her very early on that food is medicine and that what we eat can have a huge effect on our health, as well as our skin. She is still passionate about eating well and making and eating lots of lacto-fermented wholefoods, like kimchi, sauerkraut and kefir, the very ingredients that saw her aforementioned first product, GLOW Inner Beauty Powder, come to life.
I’m a huge fan of Carla’s products, so was excited to leave breakfast with a top-up of some of my non-negotiables like Glow Ageless Inner Beauty Powder. I was also given a sample of The Beauty Chef’s latest innovation: SUPERGENES Energy & Vitality, which I’m super excited about. Off the back of the highly successful launch of their capsule collection last year, Energy & Vitality joins the range to not only supercharge your inner beauty routine but support energy levels and vitality. Who doesn’t love that? Used to support energy production and brain function, Energy & Vitality is a herbal probiotic capsule designed to support qi (vital life force) with potent ingredients that have been hand-selected by Carla and her team of experts in their field, including evidence-based herbs, powerful nutrients, vitamin and minerals, to improve the bioavailability of the formula. These include Astragalus - traditionally used in Chinese practice to support qi - and Rhodiola to support the body’s natural response to stress, as well as GUT5Y-8, a probiotic strain specifically chosen for this formula to supercharge Energy and vitality.
Carla says the new offering “contains a unique blend of ingredients to support energy levels and vitality so you can put the pep back in your step”, which I for one can’t wait to embrace!
SUPERGENES Energy & Vitality is available from March 4, while the complete The Beauty Chef offering is available here right now.


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