Wellness Wednesday: The Eve Test Complete

The almighty Eve website asks the question: are you in the dark about your sex hormones? For me that was most definitely a yes, and I’m guessing that the same goes for many of you out there. For a start, what are they, and why do they matter so damn much?
While we might think of sex hormones in light of all things reproduction, the reality is that in both men and women, these important chemical messengers influence everything from metabolism to mood to libido. Our sex hormones, and their balance with one another, are a pretty big deal when it comes to how we feel day-to-day, and so many of the ups and downs we experience in terms of mood and energy levels can come down to them being a little out of whack. When the levels of our hormones are higher or lower than optimal, or when they are rising and falling out of sync with one another, we may find that we don't feel our best, and it's hard to explain how or why.
Some of the things that they play a big role in start waving a red flag when they aren’t doing their best, manifesting as perhaps an irregular menstrual cycle, severe PMS, menstrual migraines or hormonal acne along the jawline or chin. Weight gain, mood swings, trouble sleeping, a low or anxious mood and hair loss can also be down to a hormonal imbalance, as well as trouble falling or staying pregnant. It’s big stuff, and the kind of stuff that over time, can have a real effect on your overall sense of happiness and wellbeing.
For me, having an insight into where my hormones were at proved invaluable, and where The Eve Test Complete comes in. When we experience signs in the body we know are hormonal, it can be difficult to know what’s really going on inside, and what we can do about it. The Eve Test puts the control back into your hands with a detailed look at what your bod is doing, and factors that can help when it comes to bringing your sex hormones back into a more harmonious state.
The test measures the levels of 18 different sex hormones - including oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and their metabolites. It takes a deep dive into how these may be impacting how you are feeling day to day, and it’s super easy to do. Simply sign up for a test online and then when it arrives, collect your sample in the comfort of your home (read the instructions to ensure the best possible results), and send via freepost to the Eve lab for testing and analysis.
Once analysis is complete (approximately 4-6 weeks) you will receive your test results online, along with a clear and easy to understand report complete with diet, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations that have been personalised to you by a BePure (Eve’s parent company) Holistic Health Consultant.
While a consultation is not necessarily required to embark on your freshly polished hormone journey, I highly recommend a 30-minute chat with one of the BePure Holistic Health Consultants to ask questions about the results and also work through the suggestions for addressing your own hormone balance. I definitely felt more empowered and a little more in control after a time of feeling quite the opposite, and I’ve made some changes here and there – alongside updating my supplement regime – and am seeing a real change in my day to day life.
So – if you’re curious about what’s going on with your hormones, The Eve Test Complete really is a great place to start. Knowledge is power remember, and in an uncertain world, can make a hell of a difference going forward.

Photo by Aiony Haust on Unsplash


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