Fragrance Friday: introducing The Virtue Parfum Sampler Sets

If you check in here regularly you’ll know I’m a shameless, raving fan of The Virtue, who offer an inspired – and unabashedly beautiful - collection of fine and home fragrance made right here in Aotearoa.
The Virtue is the work of Taranaki-based Creative Director, Brooke Lean, who has a profound talent for capturing moments that move the soul, bottling them into something that stirs us profoundly on an emotional level, transporting us to a moment in time that has deeply imprinted upon us. After traveling the world she returned home with her family and continued to pursue her passion as a talented photographer, tasked with capturing special moments in time. She gradually began to explore the idea of creating a “full sensory experience” by which to recall those moments, “a catalyst to memory and imagination, something that can transport us to another realm”. Thus, The Virtue was born.
Brooke started working with perfumers in Grasse, France, sixyears ago to create The Virtue’s seven initial signature fragrances, adding the alluring and seductive Narcosis to the line-up just last year. Each one is absolutely magical in its own right, and I love that everything is designed and made in New Zealand, with a thoroughly global outlook. My favourites from the collection continue to grow, beginning with the heady La Habana and Castro, and an instant addiction to Holy Smoke parfum and incense that sees me burning it on a daily basis!
I have forgotten how many people I have referred to the brand, many of whom ask: “but which scent is for me?” Now they can either take my word for it, or opt for The Virtue’s new Parfum Sampler Set, which enables customers to experience five different scent profiles of their own selection. Customers select their own bespoke Parfum Sampler Set, and 2ml-sized sprays of each of The Virtue’s intoxicating elixirs are then dispatched in a beautiful cream suede pouch.

Fragrance has the power to define us or is equally powerful in redefining us. Scent has an ability to transport us back in time evoking powerful memories of people, places and ports of call. Equally as compelling in capturing and defining moments of the past, fragrance also plays a powerful part in marking a new future... and sometimes a new signature scent can be the reclamation or the re-definition of self that we need in life’s evolving journey.
“The hardest decision most people have to make is to select which scent is the right one to introduce them” explains Brooke. “By adding a bespoke Parfum Sampler Set to our offering, customers are able to choose, trial, and experience first-hand five different fragrances, and then select the fragrance or fragrances that deeply move, inspire, uplift or introduce them in a larger size for everyday enjoyment”.
So if you’ve been considering The Virtue in the search for a wintery signature scent, I suggest that you head to their website now and start selecting your very own sampler set. You’re welcome!


  1. Love your blog and the way you write, just fabulous!


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