Beauty news: Krumbled Beauty Bites are here!

It’s not often that I’m forced to actually hold my husband and teenage son back from stealing from my beauty toolkit, but when it came to Krumbled Beauty Bites? It was a very different story!
Australia’s first fully functional collagen beauty snack and gut health supplement, Krumbled Beauty Bites are now available in New Zealand and I am seriously impressed (as are my family, for the taste alone!). I was introduced to the brand – and to its founder and CEO, the ever-glowing and very clever Keira Rumble – over a leisurely brunch at Kindred, and I was very lucky to get a real deep dive into how the super impressive Krumbled came about.

Keira Rumble, Krumbled founder and CEO

In her early 20s, the petite blonde powerhouse was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, and was forced to quickly change the way she was living and what she was eating. Never one to do things by halves, she decided to study nutrition to gain a deeper understanding about why her body was reacting to these foods. Keira focused on the direct link between sugar and poor health, and found that supermarket aisles and health food stores offering “healthier alternatives”, were actually filled with products making false claims, and loaded with hidden sugars. “I was disappointed by the lack of transparency and availability of tasty, low sugar snacks, so I decided I needed to do something about it,” she says. “I wanted to create a snack that not only tasted delicious but also included health benefits too, something that helps people to take care of themselves from the inside.”

Post-brunch with Keira at Kindred

The end result is a collection of super tasty little bars bursting with beauty, gut health and nutritional boosters that slot perfectly into modern life, even eliminating the need for several supplements. Meticulously formulated with five hero anti-ageing and gut health ingredients to provide targeted nutritional and beauty benefits in one delicious, bite-size, low sugar snack, they are also the world’s the first functional collagen snack. “Our Beauty Bites are packed with 3,800g of Collagen, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. All of these ingredients combined into one bar make a game-changing healthy snack with numerous health and beauty benefits”, says Keira. And in a first for me, did you know collagen doesn’t absorb when combined with sugar? That is why Beauty Bites don’t contain dates or refined sugar, and have only 1g-2.8g of naturally occurring sugar per serve.

The range features an array of delicious flavours, being: Apple Cinnamon, White Chocolate Raspberry, Lemon Coconut, Triple Choc Chip, Salted Caramel and Choc Cherry Coconut. I have fallen hard for Lemon Coconut (think a cheesecake vibe, largely stolen by family) and Apple Cinnamon, although Salted Caramel is also seriously tempting. Knowing that they have been carefully formulated to deliver only the best – and taste fantastic while doing it – has me recommending the brand to all in sundry, especially if you like something sweet with your coffee or as an afternoon pick me up.

But enough raving – you need to try these babies for yourself. Head here to find out how.


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