Beauty news: Birthday girl everblue becomes the first Climate Positive liquid haircare on supermarket shelves

Budget-friendly and efficacious New Zealand brand everblue are on a mission to prove that natural hair and body care can be high-performing, affordable AND values-driven, with its shiny new EKOS Climate Positive certification!. everblue is now the first liquid hair care brand available at supermarkets to be Climate Positive, which is huge news for the ever-committed founders Renee and Jade, and their talented team.
The natural hair and body care brand also celebrated its first year in business this week, that’s twelve whole months of bringing positive affirmations to your daily routine through their four collections: Empower, Mindful, Aspire and Fearless, each inspired by trailblazing New Zealand women and including powerful natural extracts that leave your hair, scalp and skin nourished and healthier - without the nasties hidden in many mass supermarket brands.

everblue founders Renee Lee and Jade Hart

Renee says: “We have a strong feel-good ethos. This means feeling good about yourself, the ingredients you put on your body, the results they deliver, where the products are made and the brand behind it all. Becoming Climate Positive wasn’t ever in question, it was a necessity to us. The team has worked hard over the past year to measure, improve and finally certify our efforts. It's a great way to celebrate our first birthday and the hundreds of thousands of supporters we’ve had since launch”.
Staying true to their word, everblue has successfully undergone a carbon analysis and offset emissions by over 120 percent to become officially Climate Positive. Independently assessed by EKOS, everblue went through a robust and comprehensive process that calculates all emissions each year. As part of an effort to reduce their carbon footprint further, everblue has brought all bottle production to New Zealand to complement its New Zealand-made product. “Measuring our carbon emissions is the first step which allows us not only to offset, but also to reassess our day-to-day operations so that we can continue to minimise our footprint.” Lee says.
everblue’s Climate Positive announcement means that you can now find high-achieving, salon quality, natural-based products at your local supermarket and know that your purchase positively contributes back to our environment. How great is that? Happy birthday everblue x


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