Fragrance Friday: introducing Abel’s Parfum Extrait collection

In glorious news for fans of fine fragrance, Abel has just released their first Parfum Extrait collection – a 100 percent natural, alcohol-free, highly concentrated parfum in a travel-friendly 7ml bottle made at the brand's Wellington perfumery. The new Parfum Extrait line is rich in therapeutic-grade essential oils, and designed to be dabbed on pulse points for a restorative scent experience - a modern evolution of the classical extrait de parfum.
With self-care, ritual and intention at its core, Frances Shoemack, Abel Odor Founder says it is an entirely new category in its own right. She explains: “traditionally in the fragrance industry, extrait de parfum is all about the power and throw - the elevator effect. Our version is as much about the therapeutic power as it is about the power of the fragrance. In the natural perfume world, this kind of product would usually be an oil-based scent that does not last on skin. Our Parfum Extrait is an alcohol-free format that is potent (without being obnoxious), silky smooth to apply, and lasts all day on the skin.”

The new scents are based on the fragrance profiles of Abel’s known and loved Vita Odor eau de parfum collection. Isaac Sinclair, Abel’s Master Perfumer, and co-creator of both the Eau de Parfum and Parfum Extrait lines shares: “There’s a richness, purity and intimacy to the scent profile when delivered in a highly concentrated format, directly on the skin. The beauty of the rare and exquisite ingredients we use at Abel really comes to the fore.” In this format, the unique therapeutic value of each scent shines through; Pink Iris for calm, Green Cedar for vitality, Cobalt Amber for comfort, White Vetiver for energy, Cyan Nori for joy, Golden Neroli for balance, and Grey Labdanum for strength.
“Scent can have an incredible impact on our emotional stability and sense of wellbeing. We’re seeing Abel wearers seeking to lead more balanced, attuned lives, and within that, scent becoming a part of their daily wellness ritual - something they do for themselves, not for others.” says Frances.

I fell in love with the collection after being introduced to it by Frances herself during a visit to Auckland. Sitting upstairs at Orphan’s Kitchen café and being talked through what went into the new offering, the passion in the creator’s eyes was almost palpable – and her enthusiasm immediately infectious! I’ve fallen hard for the Grey Labdanum extrait, which was created to imbue strength in the wearer and is exactly what I need right now.
The Parfum Extrait line is Abel’s first collection to be developed and made locally in Aotearoa at their Wellington Fabriek (Dutch for factory). In keeping with Abel’s renowned focus on sustainable production, Parfum Extrait customers can also return their bottles to the Fabriek to refill. Abel recommends dabbing the scents on your pulse points, and reapplying as needed for a restorative scent ritual throughout the day. Just perfect.
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