Beauty review: Jeuneora SundaySlay Detoxifying Clay Mask

Autumn always gets me excited about skincare all over again, especially as the drier, cooler weather necessitates amping things up somewhat as well as repairing post-summer. I love setting aside time to do a regular at-home facial, and have a veritable ‘wardrobe’ of masks that I choose from depending on how my skin is faring. Usually these don’t include many clay masks due to the drying nature of many clays and my sensitive skin, but the few that do make it in are beautifully balanced and come highly recommended.

Which brings me to Jeuneora’s all-new clay mask – SundaySlay Detoxifying Clay Mask - which has most definitely joined my line-up for so many reasons! Using Kaolin Clay to exfoliate skin, refine pores, and remove excess sebum, Zeolite – a volcanic mineral – to detoxify, tone, and brighten your skin, and Elderflower and Cucumber to reduce fine lines, hydrate skin and support collagen production, SundaySlay is billed as the total package for a weekly skin reset. And it definitely is that.
“When using a clay mask we all hope that it will remove oil, make our skin softer and draw impurities out; but we wanted one that did more than just clarify and exfoliate. This is why we created SundaySlay,” says Monique Kaminski, Jeuneora founder. Its multi—faceted approach is why I fell so hard for the formula, and the ingredient deck is impressive and makes perfect sense. “We’ve used incredible, natural ingredients in the formulation to do all the things you’d usually expect from a clay mask,” explains Monique, “but it also hydrates your skin, supports collagen production, helps reduce fine lines and deeply soothes and nourishes.”
I love that the two types of clay present in the formula are joined by the likes of calming, antioxidant-rich cucumber, lush coconut milk and elderflower, for a mask that leaves my skin literally glowing… even if the tingle as it dried did freak me out for a moment at first! I needn’t have worried – after removal it had completely disappeared thanks to the inclusion of aloe vera and coconut milk.
Like most clay formulas, Jeuneora recommends gently exfoliating your skin ahead of using the mask to get the best results. Apply the product generously to clean, dry skin and allow 20-25 minutes to dry before removing with a warm damp cloth. Once you have gently washed it off, apply toners or mists, serums, then moisturisers, and finish with oils.
How often you pop this baby on definitely depends on skin type, and once per week is the sweet spot for me. For combination or normal skin the experts suggest once or twice a week, and up to three times per week for oily or acne-prone skin. SundaySlay can also be used as a spot treatment for acne and pimples when required.
Last but by no means least, the dusky rose shade of SundaySlay’s packaging is just too gorgeous to hide, and is 100 percent recyclable through the brand’s free TerraCycle Recycling Programme.
SundaySlay, $65, is available right now here

Main image by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash


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