All about: diptyque's latest Limited Edition Do Son collection

“Do Son is the call of an elsewhere: a journey of the senses and the imagination, an irresistible invitation to another place…”
If you’re a fragrance obsessive like me, chances are you’ve come across diptyque's heavenly Do Son. Incredibly alluring and very addictive, the fragrance is best described as a union of brisk sea breeze and spicy tuberose, and was inspired by the picturesque Vietnamese seaside resort of Do Son.
As a child, Yves Coueslant, one of diptyque's founders, spent his summers at the seaside in a pagoda that his father had built in Do Son, which is in the Along Bay. Far from the humid heat of the large port in Haiphong, the air was cooler, and the sea breeze carried with it the heady and slightly spicy scent of tuberoses that his mother so loved.
Some perfumes have the incredible power to transport us to other times, with many diptyque favourites doing so effortlessly and beautifully. Do Son is a fragrance that tells of the love story between Yves and this faraway land of his childhood, and its dizzying fragrance heightens our senses and entices our soul and our imagination on a journey.

The brand has released many beautiful limited edition collections based around the scent, and this year diptyque has commissioned world-renowned photographer Tim Walker to interpret Do Son’s imaginary and transcribe his vision of it into a book.
Walker’s glossy, dreamily surreal work has dominated fashion photography for almost three decades, a mix of enchantment and British eccentricity, rich with references to literature and painting. Year after year, blue has always been a colour and a code linked with Do Son – an evocation of the seaside and a symbol of escape – and Walker’s book, titled ‘Invitation To A Faraway Imaginary’, is filled with imagery devoted to the scent and saturated in blue. It portrays surreal landscapes of beaches, voyages, nautical elements and Vietnamese influences. It is exclusively available in Diptyque’s stores, while the limited edition collection that accompanies it will be in store and online at MECCA from March 15.

The limited edition collection includes an eau de toilette and eau de parfum, as well as a luxe hand cream and Tubereuse Candle. I say get in quick and grab it all!


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