Beauty news: Tronque partners with Endometriosis New Zealand

If you’re a regular reader on here or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m an unabashed fan of New Zealand luxe bodycare brand Tronque. I could literally bathe in their decadent Rich as Croesus Firming Body Butter, and their Everyday Revelation Exfoliating Serum – which can be cocktailed with the body butter – is perfect for post-summer skin repair. They also offer a beautiful Soft Focus Scar Concentrate, a truly targeted treatment that can start to be used once any scar tape is removed.

Speaking of the latter, this month Tronque will donate over $20,000 worth of its Soft Focus Scar Concentrate to Endometriosis New Zealand (ENZ) to support the organisation’s fundraising activity for Endometriosis Awareness Month, which runs from 1 – 31 March. Tronque, which launched in November 2021 and has already become one of the most sought-after clean skincare brands, was created as a direct result of founder Tanné Snowden’s (pictured above) own struggle with endometriosis.
Following her second eight-hour endometriosis surgery in 2019, she embarked on a journey to discover more about looking after her health – and in the process, found that most of her daily skincare products contained ingredients shown to affect the human endocrine system. Inspired to create something truly clean and beautiful, Tronque launched with Bio-Cleanical® bodycare made from non-toxic, minimally processed, plant-based and organic ingredients.

The first product that Tanné set out to develop was one that would help the look and texture of her surgery scars, and now she is incredibly proud to share this life-changing product with other women living with endometriosis. Committed to helping those affected by the debilitating disease, Tanné says, “partnering with Endometriosis New Zealand has been a dream of mine right from the very beginning. I am delighted to be able to donate Soft Focus Scar Concentrate (above) and raise awareness for this amazing charity.”
“Through my own experience, I know how valuable it can be to feel supported by loved ones and the work that ENZ does to help educate Kiwis about endometriosis is truly incredible,” adds Tanné.
Delighted with the partnership, ENZ CEO Tanya Cooke said, “We are so inspired by Tanné’s story and hope it encourages others with endometriosis to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As a charity, we rely entirely on donations to continue our important work, and so we are very grateful to receive this donation from Tronque and can’t wait to share it with our community,” she concludes.
ENZ supports tens of thousands of Kiwis every year. Providing unique professional services and programs, the charity aims to reach not only those who suffer from the condition, but also their loved ones. Sharing important information and personal stories with communities, workplaces and schools, ENZ is dedicated to educating all New Zealanders about symptoms, the effects endometriosis can have on sufferers, and sharing examples of how we can all help.
Tronque’s Soft Focus Scar Concentrate will be available in return for a donation to ENZ on International Women’s Day via the charity’s Give A Little page as part of the fundraising activity for Endometriosis Awareness Month. 


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