Q&A: Creative talent Hunter Schafer on SHISEIDO Makeup's newest eye collection that pops

Whether it be a single, statement pop or a carefully blended melody of colour, SHISEIDO Makeup’s new POP Eye Collection delivers bold pigment with graphic precision – and I love it. “Intrinsic to the brand’s DNA, we took a multisensory approach when developing this range,” says Ryota Yukisada, Chief Brand Officer for SHISEIDO. “Our goal was to fuse sound with makeup, a medium that is traditionally thought of as visual and textural.”
The lineup consists of revolutionary products and tools that can be combined to create multiple eye looks: POP PowderGel Eye Shadow, HANEN FUDE Eye Shading Brush, KATANA FUDE Eye Lining Brush, and five new shades of the best-selling MicroLiner Ink (one of my favourite liquid liners, hands down). “Adding a pop of colour and texture to lids or lash lines instantly wakes up eyes and helps you feel a little bit more on,” says James Boehmer, Global Artistic Director for SHISEIDO Makeup .

The star product in the collection is the POP PowderGel Eye Shadow, which features groundbreaking Hybrid Powder-Gel Technology. I had a good play with several shades from the collection over the weekend, instantly falling for the silky-smooth texture and the rich colour payoff, which is like a pigment but with the ease of a cream and the staying power of a powder.
Influenced by the vibrant colours found in Japanese graphic art, anime, and manga, this statement-making, 17-piece collection includes everything from a soft taupe to a high-volume violet. “Even the more subtle shades still have intensity and depth,” says Boehmer of these universally flattering shadows that work across all skin tones and never look washed out. Playing off the fact that the Japanese language incorporates more onomatopoeia than any other language, each colour is named after an expressive sound, emotion, or action. For example, shari-shari loosely translates to the sound of ice crackling beneath your feet, while waku-waku describes the nervous excitement one feels before a date. How gorgeous is that?
It’s super easy to customise your application and finish, depending on how you feel on the day. For a quick wash of colour, use your ring finger to glide the silky shadow across eyes. To achieve a more diffused effect, reach for the NANAME FUDE Multi Eye Brush which is designed to pick up the max amount of pigment and deposit it liberally across skin, making it perfect for more saturated looks. For a statement-making smoky eye, Boehmer suggests blending a darker shade close to the lash lines and brightening up the inner corners with a shimmery color using the KATANA FUDE Eye Lining Brush. These shadows can also be layered over other products, such as Kajal InkArtist or MicroLiner Ink, for added depth and intensity.

The face of this new collection is none other than actor and artist Hunter Schafer, SHISEIDO Makeup’s Global Brand Ambassador. The Euphoria star and writer says she uses color to express her creativity and convey different characters, both on screen and off. “We all have associations with sounds and colours and that’s how we make sense of things in the world. It’s also how the world tries to direct us to feel a certain way about things,” says Schafer. “I think it’s beautiful to figure out what each color and sound means to you. Everyone has their own unique perception.”
For the LGBTQi activist’s take on the new collection, read on…

What were your first impressions of the POP PowderGel Eye Shadow?
“I immediately noticed the depth and creaminess of these eyeshadows. I felt like I could almost fingerpaint with them—the colours were just so rich.”

Do you have a favourite eye look that you’ve worn? What made it so special? 
“One of my favourite eye looks was from the Allure shoot I did a couple of months ago. We took a unique approach and drew on my face with various eyeliners and eyeshadows. It felt like a big art project!”

What is your favourite eyeshadow shade? 
“I just discovered my new favourite eyeshadow colour, which is Zaa-Zaa Navy. There is something emotional about this shade of blue. It has depth and I really like the way it catches the light. It’s like a painting. I want to live in it.”

Why do you think the eyes are the perfect canvas for makeup and expressing your creativity?
“I think the eyes are such a powerful part of the body and one of the most expressive areas of the face. t’s where we hold so much emotion. I could stare into someone’s eyes for hours! It’s cool to accentuate your eyes in a way that helps tell whatever story is going on behind them.”

Shiseido’s new shadows are influenced by sound. As an artist, how do you think sound and colour can evoke emotion and help people express themselves?
“We all have associations with sounds and colours and that’s how we make sense of things in the world. It’s also how the world tries to direct us to feel a certain way about things. I think it’s beautiful to figure out what each colour and sound means to you. Everyone has their own unique perception.”

What colours inspire you?
“I like Zaa-Zaa Navy and chartreuse, but there’s really no bad colour in my book. How could a colour be bad? They’re all wonderful! I’m very thankful for colour.”


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