Beauty news: Eve Wellness wants to bring out the Morning Person in us all

When I interviewed Beatrice Thorne, Head of Product and Experience for Eve Wellness several weeks ago, I couldn't help but be struck immediately by her shameless ‘glow’. The woman really is the picture of health, with bright eyes, flawless skin and firing energy levels, as well as a true passion for helping us all understand our bodies that much better.
Since the get-go, Eve Wellness' offering has been all about finding ways to help bring a sense of ease and balance back into our days, and I personally fell in love with the brand's Chill Pills, which are the perfect solution to mid-afternoon stress and difficulty falling asleep. Their newest release however, targets the opposite end of the day, when so many of us really do need a little extra motivation when it comes to actually getting out of bed. An online search for “How do I become a morning person?” quickly offers a daunting list of possible solutions. From HIIT workouts to smart alarms and even specialist appointments - each suggesting they can support the virtuosity of pre-sunrise productivity and general get up and go. Many of us become morning people via a double shot of caffeine. However, coffee comes with its own set of anxiety-inducing issues thanks to caffeine’s ability to escalate stress hormones. Luckily for those in search of a fail-safe fatigue fix,  Eve set out on a mission to free people from their deepening spirals of exhaustion, often exacerbated by go-to band-aids of flat whites and energy drinks. Enter, Morning Person.

Beatrice Thorne, Eve Wellness

Morning Person is the latest addition to Eve’s line-up of health supplements set to wake up the early bird in us all by lifting energy levels and, in turn, supporting better brain function and a healthy stress response. And it’s true that tiredness hits us all in different ways, whether it be a sudden crash of energy at the end of a busy work week or a feeling of constant fatigue that settles in and becomes the “new normal” for people longer term.
So, what’s in it? Morning Person contains a unique combination of both high strength and fast-acting bioavailable B vitamins and ginseng to provide immediate energy support in the short term, while adaptogenic Rhodiola Rosea works overtime to bolster internal engines for healthy vitality long term.
Eve is proud to be at the forefront of a “self-health evolution”, empowering individuals by equipping them with a better understanding of their unique health picture. From the outset, Eve saw that many of us suffer needlessly because of the lack of education around fatigue. And no, it’s not just about a good night’s sleep.
“A lingering sense of tiredness is too commonly overlooked as something we just have to live with,” says Beatrice. “More often than not, fatigue is actually a symptom that highlights other health issues. Instead of investigating what might be causing tiredness, people tend to turn to quick fixes that temporarily mask the feeling with an unsustainable spike of energy. At Eve, we encourage people to dive deeper, tackle exhaustion long term and take their energy health into their own hands.”
I've just started popping a few of these little marvels and have found they really do help on those mornings when fatigue has hit and it's all just a bit much! I like that you can just take them when needed rather than having to commit to a daily dose, and definitely think they'll come in handy in a few weeks' time when I'm juggling work and home life as well as attending New Zealand Fashion Week. Late show, early morning? Bring it on.

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