Beauty news: ghd reveals its latest limited-edition collection benefiting the work of BCFNZ

As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I always appreciate it when a beauty brand decides to “go pink” for the cause and actually commits to it year after year. A lot don’t, believe me! Many a brand will jump on the bandwagon to leverage a few sales, then disappear the following year when a newer, shinier charity takes their eye. Like greenwashing, pinkwashing is rife in the industry, but there are some very notable exceptions.
Which brings me to the amazing commitment from ghd, who have been in it for the long haul. This is the seventeenth (seriously, seventeen!) year that ghd New Zealand has served up an amazing fundraising initiative for the Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand, having already donated an over $1,000,000 to the charity through sales of their annual, highly coveted ghd pink stylers. The work done by the BCFNZ is vital for people like me, and their services that I have accessed over the years have made an incredible impact at a very difficult time.
To date, the ghd brand has helped raise over $20 million for breast cancer charities globally, and this year’s limited-edition pink collection and campaign - Take Control Now - sees $20 from each tool sold going straight to the National Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand.
An evolution of 2020’s successful Take Control Now campaign, this year ghd has partnered with eight incredible muses for the 2021 campaign, to communicate a powerful and emotional message around the importance of self- checking for both yourself and your loved ones. The limited-edition collection features the campaign messaging TAKE CONTROL NOW on the styling tools, providing women with a regular reminder to self-check for signs of breast cancer Every. Single. Month. Every year more than 3300 women in New Zealand are diagnosed with breast cancer, and 11 per cent of those are under the age of 45. It’s a cancer that in some way has affected us all, and it’s so important to communicate a powerful message around the importance of self-checking for both yourself and your loved ones. 
To really push the point home, ghd invited four young women who have never self-checked to read the intimate stories of people who have been affected by breast cancer, in the hope that hearing these stories would encourage them to start self-checking on a regular basis. The personal breast cancer stories were shared by four muses: a mother, Lesley, whose daughter Hatti has breast cancer; a husband, Asad, whose wife Sania has breast cancer; a sister, Medina, whose younger sister Nadia has breast cancer; and a young lady called Jen, who has been living with breast cancer for 10 years. After hearing these emotional stories, the young women’s views of self-checking were transformed and all four women, who had never self-checked, committed to checking their breasts Every. Single. Month. You can discover their stories here.

But on to the tools in the pink collection, each of which has been designed to feature the TAKE CONTROL NOW message front and centre. The line up is composed of the award-winning ghd platinum+TM styler, ghd gold® styler and ghd heliosTM professional hairdryer, all rendered in a beautiful rose pink tone with metallic pink accents. They look absolutely gorgeous – love this year’s shade of pink! – and most importantly, are here to do good AND ensure every day is a good hair day.
The limited edition TAKE CONTROL NOW campaign collection is available in the best salons, premium retailers and from


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