Beauty news: DECIEM launches their first scent, Abnomaly SHOP

We are spending more time at home than ever, so why not make it smell chic? That is certainly the message being delivered by industry disrupters - and makers of my fave beauty steal, The Ordinary High Coverage Concealer – DECIEM, who have released their retail scent, Abnomaly SHOP for use at home.
Originally created five years ago, SHOP is a well-loved room fragrance previously formulated to bring a sense of familiarity to DECIEM stores around the world. Following requests from their legion of fans, the scent has now been bottled and made available for the home. SHOP encapsulates DECIEM’s playful nature, elevating any space through a collection of cosy fragrance notes.
The late Brandon Truaxe of DECIEM partnered with London-based perfumer and friend, Azzi Glasser, to create the SHOP scent, which Azzi describes as "capturing the essence of DECIEM's abnormal yet welcoming space through the construction of notes and accords that blend together as a unique DNA print."
Scent was always a passion project for Brandon, he was obsessed with fragrance and this launch comes from a true friendship - surely a rarity for a contemporary fragrance today.
The notes open on top with Black Poivre, enhanced by the nature of Cypress oil. They rest on the heart accord of Iso E Super and Chalk. The warmest notes of Guaiacwood, Sequoia, and fresh Cedar are amplified with balsamic notes of Labdanum Resin, White Amber Crystals, White Musk, and Patchouli, which add tenacity and longevity.

The fragrance will be exclusive to Deciem and DECIEM stores in Australia, and to find out a little more about how it was created, read on for more from Azzi Glasser (pictured, above) below…

Can you tell us a little bit about the first time you met Brandon?
I can remember it very clearly; meeting Brandon was like a ‘breath of fresh air’. He had such an addictive personality that immediately got me hooked on his charismatic creative flair. It was a pleasure to meet someone in the beauty industry that thought similar to my thought process​ ​and particularly outside of the box.

What made you want to work with Brandon and DECIEM?
Brandon and I both sparked off a unique vibe that translated into conceptual ideas and journeys immediately, which I knew from the start would be a perfect match to work together and to further grow our thoughts into several scent stories.

Can you tell us about the creative brief that Brandon gave to you for the DECIEM store fragrance?
Brandon knew that smell is a tricky sense to convey through space, especially invisibly, and briefed me to create a fragrance that could transport one directly into the world of DECIEM. He wanted a feeling of being lifted into a comforting, cosy bubble with a touch of edginess.

Did he mention any key words around the feeling he was looking to create?
Heritage, escapism, comforting, warming, clean, edgy, natural elements, water, chalk, earth, wood, white and grey.

Could you walk us through the creative process for the fragrance?
When I am creating a bespoke fragrance, it is important for me to get into the mind and brain behind the concept and in this case, it was Brandon. I wanted to fully explore the character and lifestyle of the DECIEM store, the design, the vision, and the feeling and emotion it would give to others. This took me to create the fragrance, which was based on Brandon’s virtual DNA print.

Did Brandon request many changes to the fragrance? Or did he choose his favourite from the scents you had created?
Brandon evaluated my selective collection of compositions, which I had already edited for him. He commented on his final chosen scent formula as being the one that perfectly conveyed his vision conceptually and transported him into his world of DECIEM.

Can you describe the fragrance in your own casual words?
The fragrance captures the essence of being transported into a time capsule of happiness and joy with a sense of calmness that helps to stimulate the creative channels. It works through the molecular construction of notes and accords that can tell the story and re-live it through the scent DNA print I have created...
The notes open on top with a spice of Black Poivre enhanced by the nature of Cypress oil, which comfortably rests on the heart accord of the addictive Iso E Super and chalk. The warmest notes of Guaicwood, Sequoia, and fresh Cedar, are amplified with balsamic notes of, Labdanum resin, White Amber Crystals, White Musk, and Patchouli which add tenacity and longevity.

When you smell the fragrance, what comes to mind for you?
For me, I travel to my fantasy time bubble, a dreamy sense of nature. I feel the sea and the warm beach close to me, together with the cool mountains and a breeze of earth’s natural elements. It gives me a feeling of peace and joy.

How would you describe Brandon?
Brandon was a sparkling inspiration and a total genius that had an eccentric quirky twist to him. He was always the centre of attraction wherever he went. His visual creativity and flair would exceed levels that would be challenging at times, but he was full of inspiration and high energy that made me always feel real, honest, and fulfilled. He breathed life into everything he touched and that was unforgettable. There will only ever be one Brandon.

Did Brandon say anything that has stuck with you? Is there anything you learned from knowing Brandon?
There were many things that I learned from knowing Brandon, every meeting was original and always fun. I learned that life is what you make of it and only you will determine your own path by making the impossible possible.

Does a room scent differ from one designed for the skin? How so?
A room scent has a completely different function to a skin scent. When I composed and sculpted the formulation for Abnomaly SHOP, I knew it would need to perform well in large areas. The strength had to be at a level that permeates well into the atmosphere so it can give the emotional feeling and work its magic through diffusion in the space.

Which room or space do you think SHOP is most suited to?
I think the entrance and main living space is my favourite place for the SHOP scent as it has the wow factor as you walk in and leaves an aura of comfort and escapism that personifies joy.


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