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We could all do with a bit of luxury in our lives, and for me, that mainly comes in the form of beautiful, clean and luscious skincare and haircare that feels like a dream whilst doing zero harm to me or the planet.

The latest brand I have fallen hard for is Chloe Zara Hair, which takes luxe, natural haircare and elevates it to incredible new levels. The collection is the work of award-winning Auckland hairstylist Chloe (pictured above), who I met around 15 years ago when she regularly delivered a killer colour and blow wave at Stephen Marr in Ponsonby. Since then she’s embarked on her own with a boutique salon space, and now a haircare collection that has seriously disrupted the industry thanks to its stellar results.
Over the years, she’s experimented with countless brands and products, discovering there was a need for a brand that was natural, effective and focused on building on the overall health of the consumer’s hair. “Most products on the market offer short term solutions for your hair, full of parabens and silicones which is just band-aiding the underlying problem,” says the master stylist and colourist recently voted Auckland’s Best Blonde Colourist in The Denizen’s Everyday Heroes Awards. “I wanted to create a brand that not only made your hair look incredible, but ultimately helped build the health of your hair”.

The collection is comprised of everyday essentials, as well as a luxurious Hair Perfume that I have fallen hard for – and now can’t leave home without. It has the most incredible earthy, spicy scent of saffron, pineapple, fig and sandalwood created in Grasse – and literally turns my often-tortured locks to silk. “I loved using hair oils on my clients, however I found it hard to find one that gave a beautiful finish that wasn’t filled with harmful ingredients,” says Chloe, “so it was important to create my own for my collection”. Launching with the Silk Hair Wash, Silk Condition, Hair Balm and Hair Perfume Oil, there are already plans to continue expanding the product offerings, which makes me very happy!
I love the fact that Chloe Zara products are not tested on at all on animals and are vegan friendly, and they are also free from sulfates (SLS), Parabens and Methylisothiazolinone (MIT). The range is premium and then some, as well clean, New Zealand made and importantly, proven to perform. Instead of using silicones that give the hair an illusion of shine, Chloe Zara uses natural oils which encourages gloss, shine and most importantly, nourish the hair. Natural oils are abundant in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that enhance the hair’s overall health, which silicones don’t, and they deliver a beautiful end result.
The packaging is also next level when it comes to the luxe factor, and like the haircare formulas, also cares for the planet. It is recyclable and made from post-consumer recycled material, and all of the ingredients within are from sustainable and renewable sources that are harvested in a way that does not harm the environment. The brand also provides a refill service for the Hair Perfume Oil whereby you return your empty bottle, and they will clean, re-label and send it back to you for $20 off the retail price.
When it comes to some expert tips and tricks, Chloe filled me in with some hair hacks when it comes to getting the best out of the range – in particular, the hair perfume oil and balm...

* Just start with a small amount of the oil, apply a small drop to towel dried hair and blow dry, or leave to dry naturally.
* Once your hair is dry you can then add another small drop to smooth down hair and add shine. The oil can also be used on your neck, chest and arms, then layer your perfume on top.
* The balm is a treatment masque, and you do need to use a generous amount of this product on wet hair or towel dried hair. You don't have to leave it on for the full amount of time if you don't wait to though, and Chloe likes to mix the balm with the silk condition once a week.
* For a beautiful treatment you can mix the balm and the oil together, Chloe likes to do this as a treat and leave it in for as long as possible. I have personally done this myself and vouch for the soft-as-silk results!
* Lastly you can use a small amount of the balm to blow dry with, or leave in the hair to dry naturally. Chloe mixes it with a small drop of perfume oil before blowdrying and really notices a huge difference in how smooth and soft her hair feels.

For more about Chloe Zara Hair, head here.


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