All about: the arrival of BIOBLUME

Chances are you’ve heard of Helilala Vanilla, a brand that began as an aid project in 2002 when a vanilla plantation was established by a Kiwi family in association with a local community in Vava’u, Tonga. From its first harvest in 2005 it was a massive success, and its vanilla soon sought after by chefs and foodies around the globe. Now officially the world’s most awarded vanilla brand, it has made a significant impact on the local community in Tonga, and is a household name. I for one, won’t buy any other vanilla - it really is the best on the block!
Which brings me to its latest release, which is destined to be another winner, but in quite a different field. Best known for producing vanilla beans, paste, extracts, powders and syrups, Heilala is now diversifying its business offerings with a new beauty offering that harnesses the anti-aging properties of the vanilla bean. Called BIOBLUME by Heilala, it is a brightening facial oil comprising of VanilleActiv2, a patent pending ingredient that the company has been rigorously testing since 2016.
Scientifically extracted from vanilla beans and said to nourish, repair and brighten delicate skin, VanilleActiv2 has seen some impressive results. Heilala’s skin trials measured the change in collagen chemistry that occurred on human skin cells when VanilleActiv2 (patent pending), two unique, bioactive compounds extracted from the lipid fraction of Heilala’s vanilla bean, were applied. The result? Increased production of collagen, cell regeneration, and renewal - which is no mean feat!

Along with the hero ingredient, VanilleActiv2, the finished product contains a powerhouse of my favourite vitamin-rich plant oils including Kakadu Plum, Rosehip, Jojoba and Avocado. The formula also includes Bakuchiol, a major beauty buzz right now and the first natural alternative to Retinol. The oil feels like a lightweight dream on the skin, whilst promising some seriously great results.
I've only just started playing with this beauty but am already pretty impressed. It looks and feels seriously luxe, and as for the smell? Pure heaven.
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