Beauty news and review: Emma Lewisham releases Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème

About 18 months ago I was invited to the launch of New Zealand skincare brand, Emma Lewisham, and to meet Emma herself. I have to say that sometimes it feels like every other day a new, all-local skincare collection comes to market, with most focusing on the natural and organic. They don’t usually offer anything particularly new or ground breaking however – just lovely products in pretty packaging that are nice to use but don’t exactly change the game. I went along guessing that Emma Lewisham was going to be delivering more of the same – but dear god how wrong was I! This brand is indeed clean, natural and very pleasing to the eye, but it comes with some serious scientifically- backed results.
Since the launch, the Emma Lewisham brand has pretty much gone global – a testament to the preternaturally cool and collected Emma herself, and the impressive team behind her. I’ve gone on to become obsessive about the brand’s night oil and night crème in particular, and now the brand is proudly adding to its 100% natural, high-performance Illuminating range, with its new Brighten Your Day Crème.

Emma says of her newest baby: “We believe in creating fewer products that have a plethora of skin health benefits. It’s pivotal to us that each new product has a specific purpose. We’ve been inundated with requests from our community for a scientifically- backed, 100% natural Day Crème that isn’t formulated with SPF.”
“Our luxurious Day Crème is engineered for unparalleled results, with formidable brightening properties that illuminate, hydrate and plump the skin’s complexion. It’s also uniquely scientifically-proven to boost Type I collagen production synthesis at a cellular level. All while leaving the skin with a glow like no other on the market.”
True to Emma Lewisham’s innovative green-tech ethos, the Day Crème is scientifically shown, through in vitro testing, to rebuild the skin’s natural collagen production synthesis at
a cellular level. The Day Crème also underwent a rigorous consumer study comprised of 50 participants of all ages, ethnicities and skin types to test its efficacy. I confess that I was one of those guinea pigs, emerging completely won over by the definite ‘glow’ the crème helped elicit. Over the six week study period, 90 per cent of participants said the Day Crème enhanced their skin’s glow, and 86 per cent of participants said the Day Crème improved their skin’s hydration. As aforementioned, we were clearly almost all on the same page!

The Day Crème’s rich glow is attributed to the brightening synergy of Acerola and Kakadu plum; both are potent natural vitamin C extracts. Simultaneously, a gentle blend of AHAs (including Caviar Lime and Lime Pearl) and BHAs (Willow Bark) exfoliate dead skin cells for unrivalled radiance and skin health. The Day Crème formula also incorporates hydration powerhouse, Saccharide Isomerate, a humectant that replenishes and maintains the skin barrier’s moisture reservoir for up to 72-hours.
This beauty is definitely one of the best day crème formulas I have used in a long time, and the fact that it is safe for all people to use, at every stage of their life, gets big Brownie points. It is also available in a new circular-designed Emma Lewisham refillable jar, with the option to buy refillable Day Crème pods and send back empty pods for sterilisation and repurposing or recycling at no expense, through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle.
Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème is available now, with an RRP of $107NZD, and comes very highly recommended.


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