Fragrance news: Acqua di Parma unveils a fresh new offering

This Christmas sees a wonderful world of new offerings for beauty lovers and those that hold them dear, with luxury fragrance brands putting their best foot forward when it comes to creating extra special must-haves to surprise and delight. Some old favourites come wearing beautiful new attire, whilst the multitude of stunning and unique new fragrance releases mean that there really is a scent out there for everyone. 
Just in time for our own long, hot summer, the iconic Acqua di Parma has added to its much-loved Blu Mediterraneo universe with a new fragrance: Cipresso di Toscana, a new home collection, and much more. The Med is a paradise for the senses, a place where nature’s wonder can be seen in all its glory. It’s the place where Acqua di Parma selects the most precious ingredients and transforms them with master craftsmanship into the fragrances of the Blu Mediterraneo collection, each fragrance transporting you to a sun-kissed Garden of Eden. Cipresso di Toscana is what the brand calls “a fragrance as energising as a walk among the Tuscan hills”, which sounds pretty damn good to me. Acqua di Parma’s newest embodies all the sensorial wonder of a walk in the Tuscan nature parks, where the Cypress tree, with its slender shape and aromatic, balsamic, energy-giving scent, a tree so quintessential and symbolic of the Tuscan landscape, reigns supreme. 
A classic fougère, the fragrance opens with refreshing star anise and elemi, illuminated by sparkling notes of orange and petit grain. It has an aromatic heart of sage and lavender, while woody balsamic base notes of cypress and pine evoke the peace of time spent in nature. The fragrance is available in the 150 ml format and also in the handy 75 ml and 30 ml versions that can be easily carried around. Experience the beauty of the Tuscan landscapes wherever you go. Cipresso di Toscana is enclosed inside the iconic Acqua di Parma Art Deco bottle, this time in a bright blue shade that calls to mind the shimmering clarity of the Mediterranean Sea. It is way too gorgeous to be hidden away, and mine has been on high rotate since I was sent a sample.  
In other news for the brand, the Blu Mediterraneo offering has some exciting new additions.  In 2018, Acqua di Parma enhanced the Blu Mediterraneo universe with hand creams and lip balms. In 2019, the range welcomes body lotion sprays to complete the line-up, which are perfect for travel and available in five scents. You can also trip among the most picturesque landscapes of the Italian Mediterranean without leaving home via five new fragranced candles - Arancia di Capri, Fico di Amalfi, Chinotto di Liguria, Bergamotto di Calabria and Mirto di Panarea - all inspired by the Blu Mediterraneo line.
I recommend a trip to Smith & Caughey in Auckland’s Queen Street to try all of the above x


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