All about: the delicious Kerzon at The Luxe Edit

Kerzon is a family-owned, always inspiring French company that creates subtle yet beautiful, fragranced products for the home, laundry, and body. Available exclusively in New Zealand at The Luxe Edit in Auckland’s Orakei Bay Village, it’s a brand that begs to be explored, so if you haven’t experienced it then I highly recommend a trip in store, and ASAP!
The Kerzon adventure began in 2013 when two brothers, Étienne and Pierre-Alexis Delaplace, decided to transpose the memories, travels, family moments that left an olfactory trail in their minds, into a collection of scented mists for textiles, or scented sachets to leave in a drawer or a handbag. Now their collection includes liquid soaps, detergents, mists, and boxes of matches, each of which offers a new and exciting sensorial experience.
The fragrances are both subtle, familiar and mesmerising. You’ll find scents of mint tea, waxed wooden floors and clean linen in their line up, and all the Kerzon products are handmade in France. Each collection is created using quality natural ingredients and employs environmentally conscious French production methods without any animal testing. Composed in Grasse by one of France’s oldest living heritage companies, their scents are an effortless mix of inspiring stories and the patience of its craftsmen, and if you’re ever in Paris you must drop by their boutique to see all of their fragrant creations in situ.
In store now at The Luxe Edit, Kerzon’s newest collection is called Traces of Summer and is so perfect for right now. Inspired by the brothers’ favourite memories of family holidays, it is made up of fragranced mists L’EAU (WATER), LA PLAGE (BEACH), and LE SOLEIL (SUN), as well as the intriguing and delicious LA WAX. The latter picks you up and drops you straight onto a surfboard, whilst LE SOLEIL is a warm blend of coconut and frangipani that sends you straight to the tropics. L’EAU takes inspiration from a vintage cologne, embodying
a fresh take on the nostalgic pairing of violet and orange blossom, and LA PLAGE is subtly smoky and invigorating, capturing the unforgettable sensation of warm sand beneath your feet on a summer’s day. 
The four fragrances in this collection are also available as yummy natural soaps, which are created using coconut and olive oils and are guaranteed to keep your skin super silky smooth. Their natural almond oil base cleans and soothes hands and bods, and they make gorgeous Christmas gifts, too (hint, hint). 


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