All about: Emma Lewisham’s all natural game changer

A few weeks ago I was invited to the launch of New Zealand’s newest skincare brand, Emma Lewisham, and to meet Emma (pictured above) herself. I have to say that sometimes it feels like every other day a new, all-local skincare collection comes to market, with most focusing on the natural and organic. They don’t usually offer anything particularly new or ground breaking however – just lovely products in pretty packaging that are nice to use but don’t exactly change the game. I went along guessing that Emma Lewisham was going to be delivering more of the same – but dear god how wrong was I! This brand is indeed clean, natural and very pleasing to the eye, but it comes with some serious scientific background and a true USP – targeting pigmentation in a whole new way.
The journey started with Emma herself, who like many women I know has long been a fan of soaking up the sun whenever and wherever she can. Growing up in New Zealand, she spent too much time in the sun without understanding the impact it could have on her skin later in life, especially the consequences of not wearing sunscreen.
By her late-twenties, she was starting to see an increasing number of visible brown spots and uneven skin tone – hyperpigmentation at its best. The main trigger, the sun. Like many others before her, Emma set out to cover the problem with the best that makeup had to offer, but seriously – who wants to spend hours every day trying to camouflage an issue that was clearly not going away?
Like myself, Emma's “moment of realisation” about what she was putting her skin came around the time she became pregnant. “I started to adjust my lifestyle and become a lot more curious with what I put on my skin. I was learning about reducing the toxic load in the body – through the products we use every day.”
She looked firstly at the product she had started using to reverse hyperpigmentation and tried to decipher what the ingredients were. Researching and speaking to her doctor, she discovered that it had controversial and toxic ingredients a plenty– including one that was commonly used to clean sewage pipes (seriously!).  Emma wanted to replace this high performance but potentially toxic product with something that would be safe, but still delivered results. But it didn’t exist. Throwing all of her energy into that, she says she wanted to “set a new standard of beauty”, and set about assembling a team of professionals that could help her do exactly that.
Emma and her team dedicated two years of research in their pursuit to solving hyperpigmentation naturally. Working alongside a team of green chemists and scientists, they meticulously researched and stringently tested the most potent and proven natural and organic ingredients out there to perform as highly as anything on the market but without a drop of anything unclean.
The result is Skin Reset, which Emma calls the ultimate 'hero' serum for an even, glowing complexion. Made from 24 of the world's most targeted active natural ingredients, it is clinically proven to be as effective as anything else out there when it comes to repairing and preventing hyperpigmentation. As well as visibly minimising the look of brown spots and uneven tone, it goes one step further by preventing further discolouration from appearing on the skin. It essentially works by shutting down hyperpigmentation in two different biological pathways. Firstly, plant extracts are included in the formula that contain active ingredients that interfere with an enzyme in your cells called tyrosinase. When UV light from the sun comes into contact with this enzyme, it is usually activated to produce pigment (melanin) which travels to the upper layer of the skin to form dark spots or hyperpigmentation. These plant actives inhibit tyrosinase, stopping the metabolic process that creates pigment dead in its tracks.
Secondly, if any pigment still manages to form, a complementary active (vitamin B3) is in there to work further downstream to deter the pigment from transferring to your skin’s surface.  Pretty amazing, huh? Skin Reset also combats the signs of everyday collagen degradation, minimises fine lines and wrinkles and boosts the skin’s plumpness, making it a true no brainer for most of us.
In addition, Emma has also created Skin Shield SPF 30 – a broad spectrum sunscreen that meets the highest of international testing standards and truly is a joy to wear – zero stickiness, and makeup goes on over the top like a charm. Skin Shield also locks in moisture with nine ingredients for intense hydration, six ingredients to fight pollution and free radical damage from the sun, and seven sources of vitamins and minerals for a healthy protected complexion. I’ve been using this daily since I was lucky enough to be given a tube, and have absolutely fallen in love with it. It’s definitely not just a sunscreen, and is a must-have this summer and at any time of year.
Intrigued? You can find out more about the brand and get your hands on these wonders yourself by visiting here.


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