All about: the new Aleph Beauty Serum / Primer

About this time last year I was first introduced to the Aleph Beauty brand by its creator, the truly passionate and inspiring Emma Peters. Precisely created from powerful active, natural ingredients, Aleph products work in harmony with skin at the cellular level - and they look and feel amazing, which is often a rarity in the all-natural colour category.
Founded by professional and natural makeup artist Emma, Aleph Beauty is a what she likes to call a ‘conscious’ cosmetics brand – aware and considerate of its impact on people, the planet and animals. Add to that Emma’s many years in the film, television and fashion industries and formulas that seriously deliver, and you have a brand that can only go global in time – it really is THAT good.
With shades that are customisable to all skin types, tones and shades and incredible coverage and staying power, Aleph is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in New Zealand’s market with good reason. Less than a year after debuting their natural cosmetics collection, the brand was nominated for Best Natural Makeup at 2019’s Best in Beauty Awards, and if you haven’t tried their beautiful concealer/foundation then you are definitely missing out. 
But enough raving, and onto some great news for Aleph Beauty fans like me. In the works for quite some time now, Aleph Beauty has finally launched its eagerly-awaited Serum / Primer, which Emma believes is “the skincare companion every complexion has been waiting for”. 
It is formulated with the naturally anti-inflammatory Tsubaki Oil, a long-time favourite of both Japanese and Chinese medicinal traditions and a huge benefit for sensitive/rosacea skin types like me. This treasured ingredient is reportedly the secret behind the ancient Geisha’s flawless skin texture, known for promoting a healthy, natural collagen synthesis and improving skin’s elasticity. It is also infused with Bluebird hibiscus plant extracts, macadamia oil and oil-free jojoba, milk thistle extract, Kakadu Plum seed oil and East Indian sandalwood, and works at a cellular level to counter the natural weakening of your skin’s metabolism. A definite player in the skincare as well as makeup category, I have been using it for the past few days and fell instantly for its charms.
The milk thistle extract strengthens the skin barrier, naturally protecting it from external free radicals but also retaining optimum levels of moisture to keep it as healthy looking as possible, for a longer time. It also makes this supercharged primer an excellent prep option, as it absorbs instantly and its benefits last and last. The Northern Australian fruit wonder, Kakadu Plum seed oil is included for its skin brightening properties and for boosting radiance, whilst the delicate yet subtle scent of East Indian sandalwood soothes the skin as much as the mind. 
Finding a formula that is sustainable, stable and performant at the same time hasn’t been an easy task says Emma, and the development of this skincare hero took months of research and testing to ensure the comprehensive formula delivers on many levels. “We crafted the Serum / Primer to be as multi-functional as our other products,” she says, “so no matter where you intend to use it in your beauty regime, it works as a natural collagen production booster, a performant skin cell metaboliser, a deeply nourishing moisturiser, a powerful skin barrier protector, a vitamin C-powered natural antioxidant and a supercharged primer.”
With the brand’s ethos of caring about the world we live in, and sustainability being at the core of everything Aleph Beauty does, the serum contains no water. A real time saver, there is no waiting time before application of make-up and the staying power of the pigments layered on top is strengthened, saving you touch-ups on-the-go later in the day.
Aleph Beauty Serum / Primer has an RRP of $69.00, and a little really does go a long way with this marvel, which I think you’ll love as much as I do x
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