Love it: Guerlain’s new L’Essentiel foundation

Last week I was invited to the most stunning event at The Tasting Shed, which involved incredible food, delicious wine and one very important reveal. It was the official New Zealand launch of Guerlain’s new foundation formula, and all of the incredible attention to detail was well worth the effort!
Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau foundation formula has been a fan favourite for a while now, but the brand new release is set to be that and more.  A foundation made with 97 per cent naturally derived ingredients and delivering a natural glow finish that lasts for 16 hours, the aptly named L’Essentiel is just that – your new ‘must have’.
Effortless to apply and leaving your skin looking luminous and fresh thanks to a deliciously dewy (NOT shiny) glow, it is super comfortable to wear, has an SPF20 and is also buildable depending on your needs. A mix of skincare and makeup ingredients means that the formula actually lets the skin breathe – hydrating, balancing and protecting the skin from pollution. A duo of extracts derived from red algae and tara gums are what lets skin breathe and protects it from pollution, whilst white cocoa bean extract moisturises and protects from harsh blue light. Technology inspired by probiotics and prebiotics balances skin and reinforces its barrier, making it a great choice for when the temperature is in flux or for those with sensitivity. It also claims to make pores and pigmentation less noticeable after a month, which I’ll be able to get back to you on in a few weeks! It effectively aims to give skin a beauty boost, which can only be a good thing.
So how does it look on the skin? Well I like to think that skin should look as natural as possible without being overloaded, and a great foundation will let your natural beauty shine through. L’Essentiel has these qualities, with a silky smooth texture that is easily applied and a special brush available that allows the texture to really glide over skin, leaving an ultra-soft and delicate finish. A choice of 30 shades from launch is just brilliant too, and means that every woman will be able to find one to closely match her skin tone. 
Last but by no means least – I have to mention that fabulous bottle, which definitely won’t stay hidden in your kit or bathroom drawer for long. It’s the work of world-renowned designer,
Mathieu Lehanneur. For Guerlain, he offered his “vision of duality” in the bottle, which symbolises the balance between two seemingly contradictory elements. Love it.
Guerlain’s new L’Essentiel foundation is on counter right now at Smith & Caughey’s, Ballantynes and David Jones department stores. The foundation has an RRP of $102, the retractable foundation brush, $91.


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