All about: Antipodes Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum

I fell in love with the Antipodes skincare collection from the moment I met founder and creator Elizabeth Barbalich back in 2006, when the Wellington-based brand was still in its infancy. With a background in pure science, she's a firm believer in the importance of scientifically validating her organic beauty products so that they don’t just feel delicious and are kind on your system and the planet - they actually work. Like, really work! Their Grapeseed Butter Cleanser is a godsend for
dry, tight winter skin woes, and I’m a shameless repeat buyer year after year.
But on to the latest big news for the brand, which is the release of their latest product, Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum. Designed to counter a new threat to ageless skin – ‘urban pollution’ – it is the kind of product that wouldn’t have been necessary fifty years ago, but is an absolute essential now when urban environments are becoming ever more polluted. Industrial waste, coal burning, traffic fumes, dust and wind blown particles, internal air conditioning and UV sunlight… they are out there and they take a serious toll on the skin.
Certified vegan, the new Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Serum has been created to protect, improve  and brighten the skin, and the formula is super light yet also oil-based. This means that it provides a barrier against pollution particles, while bioactive ingredients target pigmentation and oxidative stress while brightening and strengthening skin.
“This product changes the game for anti-pollution skincare”, says Antipodes CEO and founder, Elizabeth. “No other natural anti-pollution product has the weight of scientific validation behind it like Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum.”
In independent tests, Blessing was shown to inhibit or completely stop free radical damage in human skin cells by up to 52 per cent after just one hour – it most definitely means business! 
Blessing is developed, sourced and produced New Zealand, and includes the revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza® Grape (common to many Antipodes products) and Asian ginger. They help neutralise free radical damage and counter pollution’s effects by encouraging vibrant skin. The Vitamin C superfruit kiwifruit lends its regenerative power with kiwi seed oil, whilst nutrient-rich avocado oil combines with jojoba oil to improve and strengthen skin weakened by cell damage. The pure essential oil fragrance of white jasmine is used therapeutically to calm and soothe, even when life gets a little crazy.
Calling itself “a true blessing for urban life, this super-light face oil also comes in a recyclable glass bottle, packaged in 100 per cent biodegradable cardboard from sustainable forests. To us, apply  at daylight before your favourite moisturiser, sweeping upwards with your fingertips across the exposed skin on your face and neck. Consider yourself blessed!
This beauty has an RRP of NZD$59, and is available here right now.


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