All about: Dermalogica’s new Redness Relief Essence

I’ve had all manner of sensitivity when it comes to my skin over the years, culminating in full blown rosacea about 18 months ago. Thankfully that nasty business seems to be a thing of the past (*touches wood*) after some serious changes to my skin routine and stress levels, but redness and sensitivity still rear their ugly heads on a regular basis.
And for people with redness caused by sensitive skin like me, finding products that don’t aggravate the redness and sensitivity further can be a complex task – especially when anything can kick it off. One product that I have been using since being given a sample a week ago HAS made a significant difference though - Dermalogica’s new Redness Relief Essence.
Redness Relief Essence is part of Dermalogica’s super soothing UltraCalming line, which has been expressly designed to soothe sensitive skin’s most painful and embarrassing symptoms, from redness and dehydration to discomfort, burning and compromised barrier. I love that it also lets you get to the bottom of skin sensitivity and guard against future flare-ups by restoring the skin’s own protective barrier, which is where a lot of the problems lie.
Available in two sizes - RRP $80 for 150mL and RRP $35 for 50 mL travel size – it lands at authorised Dermalogica stockists and on 3rd May 2019, and I think it will be an instant hit. It’s super lightweight like a toner so feels like nothing on the skin, but is concentrated like a serum and as powerful as one, too. The formula visibly reduces redness right away – and I’m not exaggerating - and strengthens the moisture barrier with regular use.“No one is immune from sensitivity and redness, it affects every skin type, from dry to oily – and causes vary from genetics to triggers like stress, diet, cosmetic ingredients, allergies and pollution,” says Caroline Parker, Head of Education for Dermalogica New Zealand. “The beauty of this product is that it calms, visibly reduces the redness AND helps reduce the sensitivity by strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier.”
So what’s in there that does all these amazing things? The ingredient deck includes:
• Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (Licorice Root) Extract to soothe irritation.
• Propanediol and Piperonyl Glucoside to help reduce redness.
• Naturally-antioxidant oat-derived Avenanthramides and Beta Glucan, which along with Vitamin E help soothe and relieve skin irritation, redness and discomfort.
• Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Extract to boost recovery of the skin’s protective lipid barrier.
• Aloe Vera Leaf Juice to hydrate skin to help relieve irritation from dryness.
A pretty heady brew! To use the Redness Relief Essence, shake the bottle well before use and then after cleansing, dispense a small amount into palm and pat gently over a cleansed face, neck and chest. It can be used twice a day for continuous relief and in conjunction with other prescribed products too, which is a major bonus.
If you’re a sensitive type like me then I highly recommend this beauty – it’s the perfect add-on for when the weather turns, and seriously makes a difference.


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