Beauty news: Lancôme Absolue, reinvented

French beauty giant Lancôme has recently reinvented its most luxurious range, the much-loved Absolue, with impressive results. 
At its heart are the precious Grand Rose Extracts: a concentrated blend of three rose extracts that act on all visible signs of ageing. Lancôme Rose, Centifolia Rose and Rosa Damascena all have their own specific targeted action on the skin, and the end result is high performance skincare that feels so luxe and beautiful to use that you won’t be able to stop.
The Grand Rose Extracts can be found in all of the formulas, including the brand new star cream known as Absolue Soft Cream, which comes with refillable packaging in keeping with the brand’s environmentally friendly approach. A soft cream facial moisturiser with everything your skin needs (and more), it has the most amazing formula in that it transforms several times during application. Its unique texture transforms from a thick hydrating cream to a thin serum-like lotion, and finally to a thick layer that seriously plumps the skin with moisture and leaves it feeling incredible. Lancôme calls this new transformative process Thick to Thin to Thick, but really, you have to experience it to really see it change before your eyes.
The Soft Cream visibly revitalises skin with moisture, firmness and plumpness, delivering a huge improvement in fine lines, twenty-four hour hydration, and brighter more radiant skin thanks to its work improving skin cell renewal. Delivering ultimate hydration, it also works to protect your moisture barrier, which is essential in autumn and winter in particular. With twelve nourishing oils in the formula it is a godsend for those with dry skin, and definitely not too rich for those on the oiler side due to its unique make up.
The rest of the collection is the same, but better, with more supercharged ingredients doing good – great! - things for your skin. With an RRP of $430 (a capsule refill for the jar is $365), the Absolue Soft Cream isn’t cheap, but with a wealth of technology behind it is a serious investment in your skin for years to come.


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