Milan Fashion Week how to: ghd X Tommy Hilfiger

Last week, Tommy Hilfiger and his model muse/guest designer Gigi Hadid showed their joint label, Tommy x Gigi, for the last time. It was a display of fun, sass and modern  - or should that be model? – athleticism, and guests lapped it up.

The spring 2018 collection is all about speed —Hilfiger’s love of motorsports, Hadid’s fast-paced life — and features super wearable classics with athletic colour-blocking in red, white, and blue. According to a press release, “silhouette is mix-and-match with oversized pieces combining with super-skinny designs for a strong and confident new take on race-track style.” It also features “unique plays on proportion and shape, unexpected twists on our icons, and graphic interpretations of speed stripes, checkerboard and archival logos.”
For the final TommyxGigi show, Eugene Souleiman for team ghd wanted to create a look that completely embodied the “Tommy Girl”, fusing American heritage with the aforementioned modern athleticism.  “This is a very modern hairstyle, it’s been done with haste but still appears styled but natural,” he said. “It’s a beautiful look, with, lots of texture. It encompasses the Tommy lifestyle, young, fun and free but with a bit of an edge. It’s about having an idea and tailoring the concept of the idea to suit the individual and her natural hairstyle, embracing their individuality and making them feel sexy.” 
The Key Technique:
The first step in creating this look was to comb the hair to reveal a centre parting, a look which is flattering for pretty much everyone. Each side was then spritzed with a light mist of EIMI Ocean Spritz to add texture and restyled using EIMI Sugar Lift.
Next Eugene rolled the hair into two soft buns on each side of the head, and diffused for a couple of minutes using the legendary ghd air® hairdryer. Hair was then left to cool for a couple of seconds before being unravelled. 
EIMI Dry ME was then added to the roots and styled with hands to let air into it and give it a rawer more voluminous texture that was natural yet un-styled at the same time.
To enhance movement, the ghd curve® soft curl tong was used on random sections of the hair. Eugene explains: “What we’re doing is something quite different, to get a looser, more natural feeling to the hair were using the ghd curve soft curl tong, wrapping hair around it and as we’re taking the hair away we’re stretching it so that it’s more of an “S” curl, less opulent, more understated. It’s more of a modern style, you’re still adding a bit of structure to the hair but it’s more relaxed.”
To finish the look, Eugene added micro braids to random sections of the hair and gently clamped along the braid with the ghd gold® to create a lightly crimped, dual texture.
Pretty, cool and eminently wearable – I love it.


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