All about: the Jo Malone London English Fields collection

As of this week, Jo Malone London is launching a brand new limited edition collection, and as per, it is just breathtaking.
This year’s iteration of the Brit Collection, it is called English Fields and is made up of the truly heavenly Poppy & Barley, Primrose & Rye, Oat & Cornflower, Honey & Crocus and Green Wheat & Meadowsweet. If you are looking for something incredibly unique and new in fragrance, you have found your holy grail!
The new fragrances have been developed to evoke sunlight skipping across golden fields, as in: “the essence of the English landscape in five captivating scents”. They are the result of another collaboration between Jo Malone London Head of Fragrance Development, Céline Roux and Master Perfumer, Mathilde Bijaoui. The pair was also responsible for the sublime Myrrh & Tonka and festive favourite Green Almond & Redcurrant, and now they have teamed up once again on English Fields with fabulous results.  
Roux says, “growing up in France I spent my summers in the countryside, surrounded by fields. Since moving to the UK and having spent time in the British countryside, I’ve developed a fascination with the textures, colours and ingredients of grains and the harvest traditions in Britain. That’s when I started to think this could become a scent concept. There’s a beauty to the imperfection of the English landscape – I love the contrast of cultivated fields against the pops of flowers and lush pastures that you can’t control. That was the twist I wanted to capture in this collection”. And capture it she does, with Master Perfumer Bijaoui adding that she has really loved the unexpected element of working with cereals and grains as the focus of fragrance creation – “it’s somewhere in perfumery I have never seen before”.
The Jo Malone English Fields Collection scents are:
Poppy & Barley – rich red poppies, violets, fruity blackcurrant, barley, bran and powdery white musk
Primrose & Rye – primrose, golden corn, mimosa, rye and vanilla
Oat & Cornflower – oats, cornflower, hazelnut, vetiver
Honey & Crocus – honey, crocus, English lavender, almond milk
Green Wheat & Meadowsweet – green wheat, grapefruit, meadowsweet
The bottles that the scents come in are also completely unique – and new for the brand - and combine a shiny ceramic finish with a stone texture in earth-inspired tones. I love the look of them so much - they are totally fresh for Jo Malone London but work beautifully for the collection, and naturally, look perfect in situ as well!
Each 30ml cologne in the collection has an RRP of $116 and is available now – don’t hesitate as this release is destined to sell out!


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