Valentine’s Day: The ultimate MECCA Edit

Some call Valentine’s Day a load of old commercial hogwash, whilst others see it as a chance to show someone they love just how much they mean to them. I prefer beautiful gestures to over-priced gifts myself, but a carefully chosen, uniquely beautiful little something will guarantee a swoon from me every time. And let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day is the perfect reminder to love oneself as well, a chance to stop and think about how the kind and loving way you treat those you love should also extend within. And yep, that includes gifts to self!
One place I often look for the perfect gift to self is MECCA – as in Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca Maxima and online at Their carefully curated line up of beautiful things never fails to impress, and this year they have even made the job easier in the lead up to February 14 with a MECCA edit of gifting ideas.
To get a flawlessly natural, romantic glow, the folks at MECCA recommend Too Faced’s Sweetheart’s Perfect Flush Blush in Sparkling Bellini (RRP$47.00, Mecca Maxima only), which comes in the cutest packaging and gives a brighter, healthy flush to skin when applied. And for the ultimate natural, you-but-better, subtle smoky eye, try Stila’s Perfect Me Perfect Hue Eye & Cheek Palette (RRP $62.00), which offers a selection of dreamy matte and shimmery shades that will last you a lot longer than a box of chocolates and a droopy red rose. 
For luxury skin savants, it goes without saying that MECCA has a wide array of beautiful new and much-loved offerings in store and online. Having said that, my pick to really impress must be Rodin’s uniquely blended Lavender Absolute Luxury Face Oil (above) for the ultimate in decadent self-care. Available only at Mecca Cosmetica and coming with a price tag of $270.00 it’s more of a big-ticket item, but the rich, hydrating and calming bottle of amazingness will be the perfect gift for skincare junkies like me. Also exclusively at Mecca Cosmetica is By Terry Baume de Rose Hand Cream, which takes self-care to a new level. I love a good hand cream but they are hard to find, so this formula is a great place to start if you’re in the mood for truly transforming your paws. It’s a non-greasy but incredibly rich cream that nourishes and softens, and it goes without saying that is smells incredible. Want.
Coveted perfumery brand Diptyque have created some of my all time favourite scented candles, and their latest release is a limited edition scent that combines two of the most exquisite roses used in the blending process: Damascena and Centifolia. In the top note, currant and bergamot provide freshness while lychee fruitiness complements the rose, and then it’s all balanced out by geranium to ground things. The gorgeous Rosa Mundi is top of my wish list at the moment for the packaging alone – just look at it, below!
While on the topic of limited editions, Byredo has created a roll-on version of its much loved (with good reason) Rose Of No Man's Land Eau de Parfum. This Turkish rose, raspberry & papyrus scented fragrance pays tribute to nurses who served in WWI, and this limited edition roll-on is the perfect size for your date night clutch. 
So what are you waiting for?


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