Love it: YSL THE SHOCK Volumising Mascara

I think everyone needs somewhat of a “wardrobe” of mascara formulas in their makeup arsenal, and they needn’t be expensive. Some of the best out there come with grocery aisle price points, whilst others are damn amazing and worth the serious cash you put down to acquire them.
I personally love a fabulously luxe lash, and when I look for mascara I look for big, bold, lush and sexy. I love the power a great wand can wield over your eyes, and I have to confess that not many of the formuals in my wardrobe are of the “natural look” variety. I love a false lash and really layering it on, mainly due to the fact that I wore glasses every day for around thirty years and a pumped up lash was never an option for me. Now I’m able to wear contacts I do go a little crazy at times, but hey – humour me!
Mascara is also one of my favourite beauty products to test - the end results always vary greatly, and it’s the source of instant gratification when you’ve lucked onto a good one. The latest I’ve been using – and falling in love with – is a lot sexy and a little rock n’ roll, and comes from the amazing minds at YSL Beauté. Called THE SHOCK Volumising Mascara (AKA Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking) it is a volumising formula that does that exceptionally well, and a whole lot more. It seriously coats each lash with maximum volume in just one stroke and without clumping, making it super quick and easy to apply and damn, she lasts and lasts. 

The hourglass shaped brush allows more of what YSL call “the exclusive shock formula” to grab hold of lashes, and it is definitely not for the faint of heart. An amazing four reservoirs of mascara – two at each end – fully coat the brush with colour, whilst the creamy texture means it goes on like a dream. The aforementioned texture also lets each coat pretty much melt seamlessly into the one before it, so if you want your lash look to go big this formula will definitely let you do that.
With brilliant, high intensity colour and a serious wear time, it gives you dramatic lashes that don’t smudge, and at $66.00 is seriously in the affordable bracket for a luxury brand. I love that!
On counter March 20, it arrives along with several other beautiful products that help make up the YSL The Shock Eye Collection, including an eye gloss smudger to take that rock n’ roll effect to a whole new level of messy sophistication again. Start saving your pennies now, because this one is a goodie…


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