There’s never a better time… for a makeup makeover

Hand’s up if you’ve been using the same eye shadow, mascara and lipstick selection for over five years’ now, with no intention of giving any of them up? Well you’re not alone, but the powers of a makeup makeover can be truly transformational.
A makeover of any sort can be scary, but if you go to the right professional with the right intentions, you can leave with a freshened up look that is still all your own, and maybe an arsenal of new makeup revelations that will make life easier.
For free, or a fee of around $30-$80 redeemable on purchase, you can get a skin analysis or makeover session at counters all over the country to make sure you're spending your money on the right products or to give you an insight into what else is available.
It's best to book a time in advance at department stores or larger pharmacies, but often, if the counter isn't busy they will be able to fit you in on the spot. It helps to say what you want to achieve from your session so the consultants know where to concentrate their efforts. If you want a better blusher, a decent foundation for your skin type or age, or to learn how to put on eye makeup, don't just book in for a general makeover, be specific.
It's also a good idea to note down any product recommendations: some great counters will send you home with all of the details of what will work for you now, and what you can pick up later when you’re in the mood for a splurge. Most consultants will happily complete a makeup colour/face chart (see a M.A.C one, below) for you and you can refer back to it, including checking if you have something similar at home. If you love a product, it makes sense to buy it. But don’t feel pressured to spend more than you can afford. 
Clarins is a great brand for both skincare and makeup, and its counters usually have a designated beauty room and a counter manager who’s trained in giving facials and makeovers. They’ll show you how to make your skin glow, how to make the most of your eye shape and more. There’s no charge for these regular services, but there’s a booking fee that varies depending on the time of year that is redeemable on purchases.
M.A.C has highly trained artists on hand at their counters and stores to show you the best way to use their products. If you want anything from an express makeup to an hour-and-a-half-long makeup lesson showing you how to achieve different looks you will have to pay, but this is redeemable on product purchase. M.A.C stores are also happy to arrange group lessons after hours as well, which can make for a great start to a night out.
Bobbi Brown has always been a makeup brand associated with real life, unabashedly pretty looks, so it’s no surprise that one of their most popular services is the very handy Makeup Bag Makeover. An audit of what you’re wearing right now (and possibly shouldn’t be), the 45-minute session is the perfect way to kick off the new season and begins with a thorough examination of what’s in your bag and the order in which you apply each and every product. Well worth the time - and complimentary if you book in earlier in the week or during off-peak times - the Makeup Bag Makeover definitely comes highly recommended, and is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new essentials.
Lastly,  getting stuck in a rut is also bad for your health. Hanging on to old water-based products - such as mascara- in particular risks bacterial contamination, which can lead to infection. How you handle your makeup in general can affect its shelf life too. Keep your cosmetics germ-free by washing your hands before applying, not sharing makeup, not adding water or saliva to dilute makeup and keeping cosmetics in a dry area, away from direct heat or sunlight.
When to toss it out:
Mascara - three months 
Liquid foundation and concealer - six to 12 months
Cream blush and eye shadow - six to 12 months
Powder blush and eye shadow - one year
Eyeliner and lipliner pencils - up to two years
Liquid eyeliner - six months or less
Lipstick - one year


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