Beauty news: Katherine Daniels Cosmetics arrives in New Zealand

Although mostly known for its cool girl make up names, the UK beauty industry has also given us some great skincare, hair and bodycare names that are delightfully no nonsense - and work. The latest to hit New Zealand is the Katherine Daniels Cosmetics range, which comes with the tagline: “beautifully British concepts”.
Developed by sisters Kirsti Shuba and Donna Tait, the Katherine Daniels range encompasses what they call “the best of British skincare”, and can be found in salons throughout the UK and now, also in New Zealand. Having over 60 years of beauty therapy experience between them, the sisters were inspired to create a range of products that could proudly be stocked in leading salons and that work for the most common skin types and conditions. The sisters wanted to de-mystify the skin, so when they created the Katherine Daniels range they ensured that the results would be outstanding without complicated products, too many serums for this and that and generally confusing, off-putting regimes. All of the products in their collection are results-driven, and they use active ingredients extracted from plant, marine, collagen and biotechnology sources to achieve them. 
The product from the range that I’ve been having a good play with over the summer holidays is the Nourishing Hydrating Balm (RRP $65.00), which is a skin soothing treat for the body that has been just the thing for sun and sea-parched skin. Its rich, buttery texture is a right treat to apply, and it absorbs reasonably fast even in our humid temperatures. As well as having an immediate, almost plumping effect, it has also been designed to actually prevent further skin dehydration due to a  powerful ingredient called Brown Seaweed Osmolyte. It’s an ingredient that can be found in a few of their products so clearly the Katherine Daniels team believe in it, and from my experience thus far it most definitely works. Also in the formula are more commonly known skin nourishers shea butter and Vitamin E, and it has a delicate fragrance that gives application that little extra touch of luxury.
Next on my wish list is the brand’s Gentle Oil and Salt Exfoliator (RRP $65.00), which combines a mixture of sea salts from the Himalayas, Egypt and France and pairs them with essential oils to provide luxurious hydration along with freshly buffed skin. How great does that sound?
Katherine Daniels products are available in New Zealand at selected professional beauty therapists nationwide. To locate your nearest stockist go to  or phone (09) 415 9180.


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