Love it: Clinique Sun-Kissed Face Gelée Complexion Multitasker

Spending major cash constantly buying new foundation/BB Cream/tinted moisturiser to match your rapidly tanning bod now the sun is here? Or love a faux glow but not tanning your face? Well you needn’t: meet Clinique's Sun-Kissed Face Gelée Complexion Multitasker, one of my absolute standout beauty picks of the last few months.
One of Clinique’s most exciting launches of the past year IMHO, Sun-Kissed Face Gelée Complexion Multitasker is essentially a tube of tinted gel that can be added to your foundation/BB cream et al to give it a sun-kissed bronze effect. It takes a little (but not too much) experimentation to master the application, but once you do, it offers a great, cost-saving way to give your complexion a splash of bronze-y colour without the powdery look so common to many traditional bronzers.
Housed in a no-mess tube, the formula itself is a deep brown colour that's not orange or shimmery in the slightest, which gets a big tick from me. For first time users it's so dark that it looks a bit scary at first glance (especially for those with lighter skin tones), but once you’ve warmed it up in your palms you'll find the translucent colour sheers out as you blend it into your foundation or whatever. Play with how much you need to get your desired level of bronze, and definitely go easy at first if you’re on the lighter side.
It is a multitasker though, so can also use it alone in the areas where you would normally apply bronzer. Success came after a little trial and error for me when I used the Gelée this way, and it’s important to remember that a little definitely goes a long way. The matte finish dries quickly too, so make sure you get your blend on sooner rather than later. And as per Clinique's instructions, wash your hands immediately after you use this puppy to avoid staining. 
In conclusion, I love so much about this product, and not just because it saves you splurging on multiple foundation shades. It is fragrance free so workable for all skin types as claimed, even those sensitive types often deterred by added fragrance that can compromise their skin. It’s a great way to give your complexion a bronzed goddess boost, and with practice I found it as effortless to use as a traditional powder bronzer. 

Clinique Sun-Kissed Face Gelée Complexion Multitasker is in store now for - a very reasonable given its powers – NZD$49.00.


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