Beauty destination: Curio Noir's flagship Ponsonby store

Luxurious home and beauty brand Curio Noir has unveiled a range of exquisite handmade perfumes, while simultaneously celebrating the opening of their flagship store on Ponsonby Road.
Darkly alluring and reminiscent of a Parisian atelier, the new store is in the space formerly occupied by Wunderkammer at 76a Ponsonby Road. Within its walls you’ll find the sought after line of Curio Noir glass candles, CN Absolute Parfum, Curio Noir hard soaps and leather coasters, exclusive Zora Bell Boyd jewellery and a range of Comme Des Garcons fragrance.
The new Absolute Parfum perfumery line has to be played with to be believed, and is currently made up of four unisex fragrances crafted by Curio Noir creator Tiffany Jeans (above) and mixed by perfumers in Grasse, France. Called Opia, Diaphanous, Tobacco Night and Dark Bouquet, they are sold in either a 5ml petite French perfume bottle, or for quantities of 30ml or larger, the customer can choose a beautiful bespoke, hand-blown glass bottle made in collaboration with Monmouth Glass Studio.
“CN Absolute Parfum was created not only from my love for scent but also as a response to a number of customers who asked to have our candle scents made in to wearable perfumes,” says Jeans. “Some scents have been years in the making and have evolved as I have learnt more about certain notes and alongside changes in my life. I’m incredibly proud of the fragrances that currently make up the range, and I plan on adding more in coming years.”
For those unfamiliar with the brand, Curio Noir was founded in 2011 by Jeans and has grown into one of Australasia’s most luxurious perfumery and candle ranges. Tiffany crafted a series of hand-cast skull candles individually wrapped in tulle for each guest at her wedding, and it was from this labour of love that the idea for Curio Noir grew.


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