All about: Bobbi Brown’s new Retouching Face Pencil and Retouching Wand

“I created these products to make skin look retouched - naturally”
Bobbi Brown

I am a huge fan of Bobbi Brown, both the woman and the brand. Both are beautiful yet practical, with the end goal being making every woman look the best she can be. The latest highly covetable releases from BB most definitely do that, and incredibly effortlessly.
Grouped under the name “Retouching Franchise”, the two new marvels are instant skin-perfecting formulas: Retouching Face Pencil (above) and Retouching Wand (below) . As the story goes, as an aspiring makeup artist, Bobbi studied magazines to learn how to recreate the look of retouched skin using makeup. This technique set the foundation of her beauty philosophy and inspired a new generation of retouching products. As a result, these artistry-inspired tools naturally retouch skin, creating a flawless, even complexion with a natural skin finish. No fierce contouring and crazy shading here – just beautiful, you-but-better skin. Designed for all skin tones, they are most definitely in the category of quick-fix sticks and transform skin with undetectable, all-day coverage. As the brand says: no filter required!
The Retouching Face Pencil is the first to land in New Zealand, and the one that I have had the most fun playing with. Multi-use – I love that! – it can be used to highlight favourite features and retouch imperfections. Available in 9 skin-tone correct shades, the creamy-matte formula blends seamlessly into the skin with ease, and is used to cover redness, dark spots and dark shadows. The lineup also includes universally flattering Illuminate Pencil to highlight your favourite features, and it’s also perfect for areas like the brow bone, cupid’s bow and inner corner of the eyes. You can use them on bare skin as an all-in-one skin perfector on weekends, or layer them over foundation for added coverage where needed. Magic!
Now, how to use…
* To highlight and enhance: apply the Illuminate shade on the top of cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes and on brow bones.
* To brighten dark, recessed areas: use a pencil 1-2 shades lighter than skin tone. Apply on recessed parts of the face like the inner corners of eyes, around the nose and corners of mouth.
* To erase sun spots and age spots: choose a pencil 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone, then layer with a pencil that matches your skin tone.
* To correct redness and discolouration: use a pencil that matches your skin tone, applied before or after foundation wherever redness is seen.
The Retouching Wand lands in September in nine shades, and is a unique cover-up and foundation hybrid that erases imperfections, neutralises redness and evens out skin for a retouched yet natural finish. Sounds pretty good to me! It comes as a weightless, liquid formula that comes in a clickable pen with a sponge tip applicator that dispenses only what you need—whether you’re touching up or applying all over the face. I haven’t had a chance to have a good play with this yet but think it will be an absolute must have for travel, leak proof and effective to boot!
Now, how to use…
* To even out bare skin: apply around the nose and mouth - where redness is usually seen - and blend outwards with fingers.
* To get a nude glow: apply tinted moisturiser all over the face, then use the wand for added coverage over redness or unevenness.
* To perfect your foundation: after applying foundation, lightly sweep the wand over skin to smooth, enhance and create the most polished look.
Just gorgeous. The Retouching Face Pencil has an RRP of $60.00 and the Retouching Wand, $76.00


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