All about: the Bird & Knoll X Zoe & Morgan collab

In what must be the dream collab, two of my absolute favourite brands have come together to create something very special.
Luxe scarf brand Bird & Knoll has collaborated with fellow luxury brand Zoe & Morgan, to bring you three lightweight travel scarves that are the perfect accessory for your own adventures.
Anyone that follows me on Instagram (mshelene99) would know that I am a huge fan of Bird & Knoll - their scarves are the ultimate in highly practical, beautifully affordable luxe, and I have begun a collection that I know I’ll still be head over heels in love with for years to come.
A truly Trans-Tasman duo, Bird and Knoll are Natalie Knoll and Macayla Chapman, an old work mate of mine from many years ago. The pair is a match made in heaven, and has created some truly original and coveted pieces that seem deceptive in their simplicity.
I’m also obsessed by the preternaturally fabulous Zoe & Morgan jewellery collection, and own more pieces of their work than I’d care to name (sorry bank manager lady!). Their latest collection is inspired by a recent trip by two of the siblings behind the label – Ruth and Zoe – to Morocco, which is top of my bucket list and the most lust-worthy travel destination. The end result is sheer perfection, and yep, I already have a piece from it.
But back to the collab. A true meeting of creative minds, the Bird & Knoll X Zoe & Morgan capsule collection features the intricate ethnic shapes that inspire Zoe & Morgan’s jewellery, captured through the lens of Bird & Knoll’s own personal Moroccan travel archives. 
“We loved the idea of using our images to work alongside the divine jewellery created by Zoe & Morgan, with a Moroccan connection in a functional yet playful way. We decided that beautiful 100 per cent organic cotton was the best ‘canvas’ for this fun and fashionable visual storytelling,” explains Bird & Knoll’s Macayla. The versatile scarves present a myriad of wearable options, from bohemian headscarf to sarong, summer neck scarf to beach cover up. 
Zoe & Morgan shot their latest campaign, ‘Castles Made of Sand’ in the exotic mecca that is Marrakesh, using the collaboration scarves as turbans and headscarves to accompany the inspired jewellery. “Poetic Moroccan doorways have been translated into ring stackers, and tile patterns have been reimagined as earrings,” explains Zoe of Zoe & Morgan on how the landscape and intricacies of Morocco hinspired her latest collection. 
The idea to collaborate came about when Zoe and Macayla were introduced by a mutual friend who felt that the synergy between the brands and the personalities was too great to ignore and thus a friendship started. After a coffee date and exercise class the pair dreamed up a way to merge their passions and create pieces to be worn to the beach or yoga class that tell a tale of travel and inspiration. 
A celebration of wanderlust, creativity and collaboration, the Bird & Knoll X Zoe & Morgan capsule collection represents the ultimate travel and adventure accessory, and comes in three exquisite forms: 
new zealand | aotearoa to marrakech – The inspiration starts early - An image of clouds from above on a journey from New Zealand to Morocco
morocco | luna lantern – The beauty is in the details - An image of the intricate craftsmanship of a lantern in the Medina in Marrakesh
medina | architectural inspiration – Focusing on the local characteristics - An image of the architectural details and patterns of an archway in Morocco, jeweled tones and adorned beauty.
Needless to say, I want them ALL. 


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